Aug 18

What the hell happened?!

The live feed for James’ run died about half way down his first pass! So we only know that James landed a front shuv to revert, an air 3, an air 180 to 5 the rest is forever lost! Anyway, it got kinda wild west’y out there! James took second behind Keenan, who fell quite a bunch, but after his fourth fall landed a back big and revert shuv out.

Men’s Pro Surf Podium! Chris Wolter in third.  We uploaded all the podium pictures to our Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr Album.  Double click on the picture below to be taken there!

10K Podiums 053

We have no video of James’s finals run, as the live feed hung up. Well that’s not true, we have about 4 minutes of a boat stationary on the TV. 🙂

Off to Nationals next! Hopefully the G23 in Georgia treats James better than the G23 did at the 10K Lakes open.

Thanks so much for following along

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