May 10

Welcome to Loreto!

Things were coming together here in Loreto at the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship. Banners being hung riders showing up, tents and booths being setup and general scurring around. Big wigs abound, Rick Lee and others from Fineline for example. Many of the best riders, like our James Walker, Keenan Flegel, Sean Cummings, Jaime Lovett and tons more. The pro divisions are stacked.

The boats have been tested and the course set up. Registration will start this evening and the event goes off a little early just to be safe with the onshore wind, there is some chop developing late, but the forecast for tomorrow is calm through the day! Pros go off first thing in the morning.

The beauty of this place is hard to describe and pictures don’t do it justice. This panorama shot from an iPhone shows the Marina.


Do NOT even get us started with having to get the boats in the water here!!!! We had to complete a blankets worth of forms and provide insurance papers and passports and FMM cards! But we finally got it all settled and the boats in the water.


The coastline here is amazingly beautiful and rugged and the water is a gorgeous blue, like something you’d see in the tropics.


We were still working on the wake here, but you can get a great view of the turqoise water color.


So we are all ready! Welcome to the Loreto and the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship and Flyboy Wakesurf is proud to be one of the sponsors.


Or you could just come to watch the Pelicans!



We’ll try and bring you some updates on the event, but tomorrow is going to be a busy day. We will have the info up ASAP, so just bear with us through the weekend.

Thanks so much for following along! We wish you all were here in Loreto, maybe you can make it next year?

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