Aug 01

We love this trick!

We’ve been wanting to share that trick, now that the global warfare edit has been accepted we can share that one trick all by itself. The front shuv is ridiculously hard, but then following it up with the shuv out, such that the board is rotating in opposite directions, is just so sweet.

For those of you visiting on a mobile device, here is the link to that YouTube video. That is JUST the front shuv to shuv out.

The next variation has to be a front shuv out, right??!!

Half July Alpha 77 441

Right now we are swamped with contests all over, this weekend is Boise and the next is off to Minnesota. We aren’t getting much normal riding in, so we’ll try and share some of the wakesurf video clips we have for various things.

Be sure to wish James Walker luck at the EWT – Boise stop, he’s got a crazy 10 hour drive to get there, so we can imagine he’ll be exhausted upon arrival! Hopefully he’ll get a chance to rest and will be fresh for the riding part of the contest!

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it.

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