Feb 25

Wakesurfing the bucket board

We took the bucket board wakesurfing this past weekend.

You’ll remember that our plan for the bucket board was to see if we could get a 200 pound rider to ride it in trim. We were successful with that, if only for a little while. We didn’t want the board to be pumped, but instead just ride in trim.  The design really doesn’t allow for pumping, and we’ll talk more about that later.

Here is one quick picture that shows you were able to get slack in the rope, and there are about 20 or so of those sequence shots.

wakesurfing late February 035

One more picture and then we’ll talk about some of the findings of this experiment. This is of a 200 pound rider getting up on the 1 pound 6 oz board that is also 3’5″ long and 14 inches wide in a straight line, 16 inches over the curve.

wakesurfing late February 011

You can see a few of the sequence shots by double clicking any of the pictures. It will take you to our Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr album.

So we’ll stretch and call this a success, we achieved what we wanted to with being able to wakesurf a 200 pound individual, but just barely. The small size of the board gave no recovery and really no sense of adjustment. There was  just 1 stance and position where the rider could stand and any deviation either pearled the board or stalled it. That also meant any movement in the board or water or wind, caused a need to adjust the riders position and…it really couldn’t be done. So while technically it’s possible to ride a board this small at 200 pounds you’re talking only seconds at a time. The lighter the rider is, the greater the range of movement on the board, but again it’s pretty minimal.  So don’t expect to see anything like this at a wakesurf contest, but we did take away a LOT of useful information that we think can be applied to wakesurfing and wakesurf board construction and design.

We’ll save the rest of the discussion for later in the week, we want to think it through before making too broad of a statement, but we want to talk about the concave and relative lightness of this bucket board along with the small size more in depth.  Wakesurfing the bucket board was certainly a challange and we hope you’ll follow along this week as we talk more in depth about our findings.

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it!

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