May 07

Wakesurf trick Surf style 1260!

Some more footage from over the last few days. We wanted to share this wakesurf trick video and then talk some about the changes we’ve made to the Flyboy Wakesurf board for 2013, you’ll no doubt notice the drastic increase in the number of surface revolutions that James is performing. In yesterday’s post the video showed James doing an ollie 1440, but also that switch, revert backside surface 3. Do you struggle with your surface 360? Of course, you couldn’t even imagine a revert, switch 3, right?  How is your 1440 coming along? 🙂

James Walker Wakesurfing aplha 77 067

Ok, here is today’s video, the first wakesurf trick is an air 180 to 540 out and the second wakesurf trick is the bread winner, an air 180 to 1260 out that’s 3.5 rotations after the air 180.  On a surf style board.

If you are reading this on a mobile device or prefer to watch this video of James Walker wakesurfing on your youtube console, use the link!

That was sick wasn’t it? Now we’ll talk briefly about the whole air 180 nonsense. Competitively the air 180 HAD to have the backside surface 180 out. BUT if you did the air 180 part of the air 180 and say a switch shuv out, there was NO descriptor for the air 180 part!!!!! So it would become an ummmm I dunno what to a switch shuv.

We’ve NEVER used that illogical terminology, just so you know that if you do the air 180 part of the air 180 🙂 and do something other than the surface 180 out there is no name for it under last years scoring criteria. So we’ll refer to the air 180 part of the air 180, as the air 180. LOL, that was fun.

So what you’ll see is James landing the air 180 and then stalling between that component and then he starts the switch, revert backside surface spin that winds up with 1260 degrees out, or three and a half revolutions out! Can a 1620 be far off? 🙂

Remember all of the testing we did with the concept of PUSH? Where we measured the water flow and saw that there really is no concept of water pushing against the wakesurf board. Perhaphs back in the curl where the water is falling over, but not on the face of the wake or forward. Even the secondary wake is still lifting forces and gravity.

So we thought about that and wondered if the way that wakesurf boards were shaped was actually hindering those surface spins. They were, in fact outside of this board that James is riding there can be a better optimization even for skimmers. Now realize that skimmers have no real fin pod. The very shallow single trailing fin is mostly out of the water and so when a skimmer kneels down and spins, they are flattening the board out and they can spin at the bottom of the wake literally forever.

We can’t really do that when you have huge 4.5″ deep rail fins. They’d just catch as you came around. So we sat with that concept and worked on shaping the tail and the rails, plus reworking the fin pod and bottom contours so that it would allow the Flyboy Wakesurf board to basically spin in one spot, not unlike the way skimmers do, but instead of requiring the rider to squat, we shaped the rails and tail and the moved the fin pod so that it would allow the rider doing a surf style surface rotation to spin in one spot.

Now remember, there is no push, otherwise this simply wouldn’t work. BUT there is some measurable flow right up at the lip. AND that flow is backwards away from the boat and it’s only maybe an inch or two deep. Grab that and if the rest of the board is shapped appropriately, viola, spinning in place. Well not completely, if you watch the video above you’ll see that James’ rotations are slightly elongated but they’re damn close to in place.

So, what do you think? Would you love to spin 14’s on your surf style board like our James Walker? Not have that crazy slippery-slidy skim style board to contend with? Yeah, we thought so. More to come! Please check back unless you’re a weasel, then just go away! We expect there will be some significant changes to surf style boards as the best shapers embrace the segmented water flow that is wakesurfing and abandon the stupid push nonsense. Flyboy Wakesurf, leading the revolution! Pun intended. 🙂

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