Feb 23

Wakesurf contest season

So the 2013 wakesurf contest season is opening with a BANG! If you haven’t really been paying attention, there has been some huge developments just this past week. The first thing up was the Kalinka Championships in Thailand in the World Series of Wake Surfing. That contest was pulled by a Tige Z3 and featured a combined men’s open class where local NorCal hero Chris Wolters placed second behind Dom Legace. Chris Wolters is riding for Mendonesia surf and was the top placing surf style rider. Congrats to Chris!

chris wolter

Next up in that week of the Wakesurf Contest Season was the opening of registration for the 10K Lakes open, which will be pulled again this year by Natique and that contest sold out in 3 days! Obviously the most popular contest so far this year, Chris and Stacia Banks put on one of the most fun and competitive events of the season. We’d recommend to sign up, but realize you’re on the wait list at this point. Our own James Walker got his registration in on time for both surf and skim, so be sure to look for James there.

Lastly, we’ve heard rumors about Nationals. Last year, Nationals was pulled by Centurion, but in a true showing of the diversity of the World Wake Surf series, 2013 Nationals will be pulled by Natique! Scott Culp is the organizer of that event, along with the chief judge in just about all World Series of Wake Surf stops. Scott is also on the board of directors and excutive comittee of the Competitive Wake Surf Association. You’d be hard pressed to find a more involved member of the wakesurfing community. BUT that pales in comparison to the rumors of this years event. It’s rumored to be the biggest, the baddest wakesurf even in the short history of wakesurfing. If you remember last years Nationals each night had an organized dinner and the event itself feature waterslides and a full on cabana. Registration for that event hasn’t opened, but you’ll want to jump on it when it does. Held in Sunny Florida, where the bugs are bigger than your BOARD!

We’ll wrap up this post with our special deal on room rates for the Loreto Stop in the World Series of Wake Surfing. Be sure to register for one of the most fun contests of the series, being pulled by one of the best wakesurf boats manufactured, the 2013 Supreme V226! Check James Walker airing out his Flyboy Wakesurf board in the promo flyer!


Thanks for following along and we look forward to seeing everyone now that wakesurf contest season is upon us.

OH! We almost forgot, we are working on our wakesurf specific fin panel, but the temperatures have dropped below freezing again, so we are sort of stuck until the thermometer gives an uptick.

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