Oct 18

Wakesurf board nose rocker design

We are jumping around a little with this post. We’ve been talking about resins used in wakesurf board construction and then we jumped into some wakesurf board modifications, all the while we’ve been working on our shorter MOW specific wakesurf board. There is a theme in there, even if it isn’t eadily apparent. The shorter MOW specific board is a modification to an existing shape, isn’t it? As our skills or environment change we should be looking at changing our wakesurf boards to best optimize those changes. This might be a new board altogether, or maybe it’s some as simple as changing the shape of the rails on yoru existing wakesurf board.

If you’ve followed us here at Flyboy Wakesurf for any length you’ve seen a board build or 2 (or 50) and you know that we use a static rocker bed. There are very advanced adjustable rocker tables, be we don’t have one. You may be thinking that if we shorten then board then we also wind up reducing the effective nose rocker. Basically the rocker bed is this static curve, so if we shorten the board and leave everything the same, the wakesurf board nose rocker would wind up becoming shorter, like we timmed 2 inches off the nose, and thereby slid the nose downward along that curve that is the wakesurf board nose rocker.

That MAY be what you want, but if that negatively impacts the turning capabilities of the board, we’d probably want to effect a change in the wakesurf board nose rocker. In this build, we are thinking that we want to keep the nose rocker about the same as it was on the longer board, we should retain much of the same speed, but actually gain a little more responsiveness because we are gaining MORE nose rocker over a smaller distance. More nose rocker, over the same length = tighter turning.

Here is another amazing piece of artwork, that attempts to show the change we are planning with the nose on this MOW specific wakesurf board project.

Rocker change

The thick black vertical line depicts the shortened length. We principally want the middle and the tail of the board to remain unchanged, and we’ll take the length off the nose, while at the same time, changing the rocker line. The blue line represents the original rocker and the red line represents the proposed changed nose rocker

So no doubt you’re think, fine how will you do that on this non-adjustable, static rocker bed?

Like this!

Shorter 003

What we have done is salvaged the off cut from the original billet of EPS foam that we used to cut the core of this project board. It has the original rocker shaped in and we want to mostly maintain that, but slide it down the length of the wakesurf board. Now this isn’t good practice, we are bending in part of the rocker, but for our test board, this is an acceptable modificatiion. We wouldn’t want to do this in a contest or production board, but for R&D, it’ll be just fine.

What we will be doing here, is cutting it to fit under the nose of the project wakesurf board and then taping it into place. We’ll also sand down the transition into the existing rocker curve so that it flows as smooth as possible. We typically don’t change the existing shapes all that often, so haven’t felt the need to invest in an adjust rocker table, but you can see the advantage of one here, if we were making a bunch of different shapes or sizes.

Ok, so that will get you up to speed when we go about continuing the documentation of the build. You’ll have in the back of your mind that we have affected a change in the wakesurf board nose rocker of our normal static rocker bed.

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it!


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