Mar 20

Wakesurf board fin

We want to introduce a different concept with a very different looking wakesurf board fin. After we discuss the design of this wakesurf board fin, we’ll show you how to install FCS fin plugs.

So the first thing up is a quick picture of the fin design we want to experiment with.

cdrive wakesurf board fins 001

It looks like a weird bottle opener doesn’t it?

The first thing you probably notice is the very different looking base. The fin itself looks fairly normal, but the base of the fin extends beyond, well the base of the fin!

In the surfing world, the base of the fin is commonly understood to be that area of the fin which creates drive. So of two fins with the same depth and foil, the one with a longer base would have more drive, or the ability to drive the board forward.

That concept is all well and good, but what happens with super wide fins, or multiple fins that in effect create more base? They wind up being tracky. At ths point there are not many folks competing that use a full on quad any more. Most have opted either to shift away from the quad altogether, or have modified the trailers into some short stubby sort of fin template. What they are doing is grabbing that extra base length for the drive, while not facing that tracky issue.

The base of a wakesurf board fin is what is most responsible for drive, all things being the same. The depth of the fin really influences that hold or tracking capability. We’ve all experienced this, where we swap in a shorter fin and it feels almost “slidy” or “looser”. There needs to be some width in terms of the base, but again all things being equal, more depth equates to more hold. This is consistent to what we are seeing within the quad community. As the trailer fin depth is removed, the boards lose some of that trackiness in the tail.

Now tracking isn’t usually a problem for twins and twinzers. Drive usually isn’t either, but what’s not to love about more drive, if you can harness it?

Have you ever owned an old Hyperlite wakesurf board with the A-wing fins? Super-impose that shape on the base of the fin above. It’s a match isn’t it? Almost like the fin was built or shaped on top of an a-wing wakesurf fin.  That’s the concept! Increase the base significantly, without increasing the hold or trackiness, but do it in a single fin so that turning isn’t compromised.

Now there is one additional attribute that isn’t applicable to other fins and that is the base depth. Referring back to the picture you can see that there is a measurable depth to the wakesurf board fin in terms of the base. That base and the measurable depth increase drive significantly, as we would expect, but the actual area of the fin remains somewhat unchanged, because the area forward is narrower via what can loosely be called a cut-away.

One last picture for this post and then tomorrow we’ll begin the installation of the FCS fin plugs. As you can see, these fins are meant to be installed in FCS fin plugs and not the more common, in wakesurfing, futures fin box.

cdrive fins 012

You can get a very good look at the increased base and also the concept of a base depth.

So we’ll see, we aren’t sure it will work any better behind the boat. but it piqued our curiosity as the concepts all make sense.  If it aids drive, but prevents higher end wakesurf tricks like the back big, then it’s probably better suited for folks just looking to improve the drive of their smaller’ish wakesurf boards.

Thanks so much for following along!


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