May 02

Variations on a theme

Wasn’t that flat panel stiffness increase pretty amazing? We tend to think that so much of what is bantied about as performance increases associated with bottom conturs as really being mostly associated with stiffness increases. The stiffness differences between a flat panel and some type of contour are astonishing. Plus let’s be honest, there are so many snake-oil sales folks that will tell you anything either to bolster their egos or sell you crap. The mysterious working of water under a wakesurf board makes the perfect environment to spin a tale or two.  That aside, water, in an open system is just water flowing all around and it will always seek the path of least resistance.  Some of the theories of bottom contours sound a LOT like water running uphill and it simply doesn’t.  If there isn’t a completely closed system, water doesn’t get squished or squirted anywhere in particular, it just goes wherever it’s easiest.

Speaking of tails – ok, rotten seque, we admit it! We wanted to devote this post to what we are referring to as variations on a theme. That is 1080’s. Our very own James Walker took his Flyboy Wakesurf board out for some wakesurfing and landed two variations on a 1080. Both tricks involved 3 rotations, but one combines two backside surface rotations, with one frontside surface rotation and the other combines an aerial backside rotation with two backside surface rotations.

1080’s USED to be the sole domain of skim style boards, then you saw James bust that 1440. The first ever surf style 1440 performed. Now James Walker has landed surafce 1080 for years, but these are signifcant variations. The air 3 to surafce 720 is an expansion on the widowmaker, devised by Drew Danielo and James Walker takes that one more by extending the surface 3, to a surface 7. James would appear to be the first person to land that and you can see in the accompanying video, James has to JAM himself trough the surface rotations.

Here is one picture from that set of sequence shots, where James is setting up for the third and final rotation. Check out how much angle there is on that Flyboy Wakesurf board!

Alpha 77 end of April Pictures 151

You should be able to double click on the picture about and your browser will take you to our Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr albumn for the Better Widowmaker. We’re still working on our camera settings, so there are a gazillion shots t the start of the trick and then then teh buffer fills up and the number of shots per second slows down, so there are fewer shots at the end of the trick. Here is the link to that album.

Is that sick or what??!!!

Here is the unedited video, the two 1080 variations are about 3 or 4 tricks in, so be patient.

If you prefer to watch the video of James and his two wakesurf 1080 variations, in your YouTube console, there is the link.

Last up is the Bigger Blender. James created this wakesurf trick a few years ago and just busted it out before the Better Widowmaker. It is a surface reverse (frontside rotation) into a surface 720 (backside rotations). We love this picture with the Flyboy Wakesurf Board poised at the top of the wake ready to slide down the face, the left side fins are out of the water.

Alpha 77 end of April Pictures 118

You should be able to double click on the pictures to be taken to the Flickr Albumn for the Bigger Blender. Or use the link!

We’ve made a number of small changes to the contest board that James Walker will be riding this year in an effort to make the various rotations easier. Release quicker and sooner, plus not grab on entry or exit to the rotation. We’re pleased with the performance and design and hopefully, James will require all competitive level surf style riders to own a 1080 to remain competitive. Definately rider and technology pushing the limits of surf style wakesurfing.

Admit it, you want to ride like that dont’cha? You need the James Walker Pro Model, buy from James at the Flyboy Wakesurf Store.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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