Jul 13

THIS is how it works

Was all that formula mumbo-jumbo we wrote about over the last few days a bit too much? We get it, some folks just need pictures, that’s why places like Denny’s use pictures in their menu’s! It’s just easier! Plus, we aren’t all that great at the explanations, we sort of understand it, and so trying to explain it to folks that don’t, just leaves a huge blank space!

So! We undertook to put it into pictures. Right? Everyone understands pictures and we principally never edit any of the videos because we’ve seen the disingenuine efforts of the spammers who TRY to mislead folks. Being unedited, you know what’s landed and what isn’t. It’s real, not sort of real if you trim it off at “THIS” spot! 🙂 So without further adu, here is what all of that mumbo-jumbo means to YOU!

Short unedited clip, of James Walker wakesurfing his ’14 Flyboy Wakesurf board behind our Supreme V226. Landing an ollie 3, an OLLIE 1800!!!!!, a few rather dizzy airs, front shuv to revert backside surface 180, the infamous Korina 3 and a flailing fall.

For our friends visting us using a mobile device, here is a link to that unedited video.

Did you see that Ollie 1800? We’re calling that the BITE ME! you SAC’s! That 1800 is 5 full revolutions. James has done more, in that 2160 so even this 1800 while amazing, isn’t the end all. The point being that no one else is doing an 1800 on a surf style board. We’re not sure that all of the skimmers can do an 1800. What’s happening in that trick, is that the rotations, beyond that first one are actually being done forward, traveling with the boat. And that good friends, is how it works.  Remember how we said the flow is forward?  Are the light bulbs clcking on for you right about now?

Oh and then of course a freaking front shuv?! Are you kidding me?! An 1800, errr we mean a BITE ME! you SACs! and a front shuv in the same run? James is an amazing athlete, our Supreme V226 wake is amazing also, certainly no excuses needed and the ’14 James Walker Flyboy, gives him the tools he needs to land those tricks. Hopefully that is a clearer translation than all that formula mumbo-jumbo.

So there you go, that’s how that revised ’14 James Walker signature model works. Say what you will, but it’s really tough to argue with landing a 1800, front shuv and Korina 3 in a single run when no other surf style rider is coming close.

Early July Alpha 77 pictures 700

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it. And guys, thanks for the lead in!

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