Aug 27

The REST of Callaway Gardens

We’ve spent a bunch of time looking at the USA Wake Surf Nationals and the Nautique G23, but we also spent a few hours touring the grounds of the Callaway Gardens. We’re beat from our trip, so today is mostly sharing some pictures, we got up at 4:30 Eastern time to catch our flight, which is still dark O’clock EVERYWHERE!

A few of the things we wanted to share from the site, included the quaint little Chapel it had the most remarkable stained glass windows through out. They are impressive from the outside, but wait until you see them with the light stream thru.

The outside


Inside the Chapel, absolutely breath taking.



There were tons of placcid lakes, ponds and streams that filled the grounds. This just outside the entrance to the chapel.


This was an extension of the little pond in the picture above. The area had just tons of wildlife. Can you spot the snapper and bluegill in that crystal clear water?


We also visited the butterfly sanctuary on the grounds. If you thought the humidity OUTSIDE was nasty, you need to walk through this place! It’s always fun to be that close to the butterflies. Kids young and old were amazed.



One last set to complete the tour. Just a few miles down the road is the site of some hot springs that President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited to help him manage his polio, they were thought to be rehabilitative. From at the top of the mountain there are amazing views of the valley below.

This is of the contest site, the lake in the distance.


This is one of the lush forest that surrounds the entire area. Tranquil and gorgeous!


We’ll talk a bit more about USA Wake Surf Nationals tomorrow, for now, it has to be sleep time! Thanks for following along, we appreciate it.

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