May 12

Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship day 2

Happy Mothers day to all the mom’s out there. Day two of the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship is now over and we are waiting for the podium results. Hopefully we’ll have those for you before the end of the day when you read this. We have a plan for getting the podium pictures, so we’ll get those quickly and post them online ASAP

We started the day here in Loreto with just another glorious sunrise. You can see the islands way off in the distance and they are miles and miles away.


We’ll miss the palm trees, and those amazing sunrises.


Aren’t those colors amazing? Gold, red and orange.

The running order stayed the same both days. We decided that this was just so new for folks, the boat, salt water and dealing with a very different sort of cross-flow. So the prelim’s didn’t affect the second day seeding and the scores weren’t cumulative.


The wind held off for most of the day! Yes!


We wound up using a pontoon to get folks back and forth to the staging boat, here are some of the amateurs heading out for their finals runs.


We saw some really close divisions, so we’ll see how they turn out. James was pleased with his Men’s Pro Surf run, we’ll see if it was enough to hold off Keenan and his new pro model and Jaime Lovett on his new Mendonesian and that surf style board transfer!

Come back for the podium results, we’ll get the pictures and results up ASAP.

Thanks so much for following along and we sure hope we’ll see you all at the Loreto Stop Supreme Mexico Wakesurf Championship next year in 2014! It’ll be even bigger and better and more fun than this year!

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