Jan 15


We had an interesting situation occur after we wrote the “Why are wakesurf contests so boring to watch” post. We got a response that said, not good for generating stoke or words to that effect.

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We sat with that comment for a long time, because it’s representative of something. First, the folks involved really believe that. That what is posted should be…what? Only stoke inducing? Nothing wrong with that perspective and it probably does folks a world of good, but we don’t share that perspective. This isn’t a right vs wrong commentary, just a note on difference in perspective.

It didn’t matter that the post title was pretty clear, “why are wakesurf contests so boring to watch?” Right? Your expectation would be that there would be a general analysis of why wakesurf contests are so boring to watch. That’s neither right or wrong, but it’s certainly different that the group that seemed to think the ONLY thing that should be posted or discussed is commentary that somehow induces that stoke.

Now, we have no contract to write only stoke inducing commentary, we’re just out here selling boards. The end.

So guess what? That’s subjective judging isn’t it? Doesn’t matter that the title was clear, doesn’t matter that there is no generally accepted behavioral norm or standard and it doesn’t matter that it’s our web property that we pay for and that we are speaking to our audience, there are folks that think we should only post stoke inducing topics.

How do you think that plays out in a competitive wakesurf judging environment? There are going to be folks that say…I don’t like aerials (or whatever) and they prefer skate influenced tricks from the 80’s. How do you think they will judge your run if you do more aerials than old school skate tricks?

Not as well as if you did the reverse order, huh?

We’ve been using tons of different genres in the “soundtrack” of our Missing Summer series videos, to make a point, obviously. In the last one we used some swing music! One individual said “great riding, horrible soundtrack!” We don’t doubt that to that individual it was horrible. But it wasn’t screeching like nails on a chalkboard, it’s a really well done swing number. BUT “Horrible” is a subjective judgement, isn’t it? The individual doesn’t like swing, maybe they love Blues. The point being, if there was a contest and he had to choose between a blues song and a swing number, which one do you think will get the nod? It’s really hard to judge a genre fairly if you don’t like it or if you prefer something or someone to another. Isn’t it? If that person was the only judge ever, do you think folks would continue entering with swing music? Or would all of the music eventually gravitate towards Blues? There are those that “believe” if it’s purely subjective, the judgments will also be fair and take into consideration ONLY the factors included in the judging criteria. Really? So in the blues vs swing, the individual who doesn’t like swing will analyze the composition and whatever makes up a quality song and say, you know…dislike the genre, but it’s better than this blues number.

No they won’t, because it’s not stoke inducing.

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it.

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