Oct 19

Shorter MOW specific wakesurf board

Jumping backwards now, you may remember that we had marked the core for our shorter MOW specific wakesurf board. Our next step is to work on some rail material. We like adding high density rail material for a few reasons, which we’ve discussed before. The perimeter weigting, select ding resistance on the rails and we believe better rail set in the wake.

We have a piece of 5 pound density Divinycell H80 for this purpose and we cut the sections of rail material out and then glue them to the core to form the rails of this MOW specific wakesurf board. Our process is a little convoluted, in that we glue up one piece and then finish shaping the bottom and deck for attachment of the skins, before finally attaching the last few layers of rail material. Partly that is because we don’t have any templates for this project, being that it is the first time we’ve built it!

Here are the two pieces of rail material and the core ready for glue up.

Shorter 001

We didn’t get any pictures of it, but we use a small 2″ paint brush to paint some epoxy on the inside of the rail material and then a very light coat on the outside of the rail facing on the core. You’ll remember from a prior post that we talked about epoxy having more elasticity that other appropriate resins and that is one of the reasons we use that for attaching the rail material.

short 001

As you can see in the picture above, the single layer of rail material conforms to the curves of the core fairly readily and can be let in place during handle with blue painters tape. Also, it’s a little hard to see, but if you look close at the nose area of our rocker bed you can see the addition to affect the change to the wakesurf board nose rocker that we discussed earlier.

We repeat this process for the other rail and then slide the whole MOW specific wakesurf board project into the bag for clamping. The vacuum bag will push the rail material up against the core while the epoxy cures.

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it!


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