Mar 25

See-thru wakesurf board testing

This post is being written early Sunday morning and we’ll be taking the see-thru wakesurf board out for what we hope is a quick test of the water flow under a board and we’ll be able to get some solid evidence to report back. The largest set of shaping guidelines, if you will, comes from an environment that doesn’t include boat wakes. We know from any number of sources that wakes and waves are formed differently and most likely have different types of water flow. So what we wanted to do with this see-thru wakesurf board was to get an idea of where the water IS flowing.

Ok, so quickly here are some pictures of the finished see-thru wakesurf board. This first one is the see-thru wakesurf board floating in the pool in the back. It’s water tight and you can see a small air bubble toward the back and top of the view port.


What you can’t see for the picture above are the streamers, which will give us a quick visual as to actual water flow under the see-thru wakesurf board. We got these from a party store they are designed to adorn a table in a festive motif.


We’ve laminated two different colors cut from the streamer panel. Gold at the leading edge and purple at the wake edge. That should give us a quick visual as to which direction the water flow is heading. If it’s predominant gold then we know there is flow or travel forward that is stronger than any other flow and the same is true if it’s purple.

Now a real quick youtube video that we shot using an iPhone, so the quality is even worse than our usual.

When we pushed the board forward the gold streamers flowed backward, then when we pushed the board back towards the edge sideways, the purple streamers flowed towards the opposite rail.

Now, that isn’t water flow, that’s board movement and what we observed was that the streamers sort of stuck with the water. In that situation, the board is moving by the water UNDER it, wasn’t. Well that isn’t entirely true the water did move, but is so much slower than the board that streamers sort of flowed out in the opposite direction of the movement of the board.

That is to say that the streamers sort of stick with the path of least resistance or most power. That unmoving body of water has TONS of adhesion and grab the streamers and hold them there, until overtaken by the force of the board being pushed around and the slack taken out of the streamers.

So what do you think we’ll observe on the boat today in terms of wakesurf water flow? It’ll be interesting! Check back later in the week for the report, pictures and video of the wakesurf water flow testing.

Thanks so much for following along!

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