Oct 12

Sanded and intro to 3

We’ve mostly finished the preliminary sanding of the R&D board. We still have to fair the deck some where the deck skin cracked during the electricity debacle, but it’s getting closer.


We are going to take this board out, after the fairing compound is applied, to give it a test run without the final exterior laminations. So this is just the core and it won’t have fins. We just like to demonstrate the ability of the composite sandwich to allow it to be surfed, without any external lamination. ¬†Water tight and adequately stiff to allow surfing just the core.

Once we have the exterior all faired and sanded to the appropriate shape, we can do a few things. One would be to laminate the exterior. It would be a solid board and probably semi-stiff. Another option would be to bag down a completely separate layer of the divinycell, to form a second skin. So in effect, two layers of 3 mm skin with fiberglass in between.

Remember the power of 3 demonstrations we did with the hammer and the block of d-cell with carbon fiber? We could create that level of toughness and stiffness here.

Instead we are going to meet sort of in between, we are going to wrap the entire surface in a lighter weight Carbon Fiber and then lay up a layer of bamboo, top and bottom and then finally cover the whole thing in a 4 oz eglass. A little more than the single sandwich and a little less than the double sandwich. You’ll note also that we are working into the power of three, we’ll have layers of reinforcement and layers of skin. The three of more, being what we want to achieve.

So let’s revisit the stringer concepts from yesterday. We talked about how a vertical wooden stringer provides stiffness, but typically only within a relatively relative range. That range starts at the location of the stringer and then fades the further away the forces get from the stringer. Realistically, that doesn’t make sense, if instead would could develop a level of stiffness that was uniform throughout the entire surface or across the areas that need to resist the bending forces.

THAT is what we are hoping to achieve with our power of 3 construction, that will include the composite sandwich, plus a layer of carbon fiber and a layer of bamboo as a skin.

Ok, that’s all for the weekend, hopefully we get some pictures of surfing the core, without fins! Our local lake is run by the Corp of Engineers so has been shut down due to the Federal Government shutdown. We’ll most likely end up in the Delta, close by. Wish us luck and some warmer weather!

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