Oct 16

Peanut allergies

Do you know of anyone that has a peanut allergy? It can be devastating. As you no doubt remember, recently a child ate some peanut butter and then wound up dying from ingesting it. The most common form of managing the allergy is avoidance. That is, don’t eat or come in contact with peanuts or related foodstuffs. The next is what is referred to as an epi-pen. It’s a shot, that folks jam into their thigh when they have come into contact with the allergen.


So peanut allergies, for the most part “just are.” They can’t really be treated by building up a resistance to the nut, because the reactions are so severe in people. Another form of therapy for folks is to gradually build up a resistance to the allergen with a series of shots that contain tiny doses of the allergen in a shot. So much like any number of things in life, peanut allergies just are.

We’ve listened to some dialog, persuasion and arguing really, when the situation is a peanut allergy. The arguments go something like:

You shouldn’t have a peanut allergy because I don’t.

You shouldn’t have a peanut allergy because I like peanuts.

You shouldn’t have a peanut allergy because they are full of nutrients.

You shouldn’t have a peanut allergy because they are plentiful and cheap.

You shouldn’t have a peanut allergy because (insert anything that equates to: because I said so).

All of those are just flawed, aren’t they? Not that the reasons aren’t rational, just that it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a PEANUT ALLERGY and won’t change because YOU don’t have it.

It just is. The end.

Would you force someone that has a peanut allergy to eat or handle peanuts? You’d be AMAZED at how controlling yahoos feel the need to do just that. Where they get this crazy idea that because THEY like peanuts (and this translates into their opinion being the ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS!) you shouldn’t have a peanut allergy.

Heeeelllllllloooooo! It’s a peanut allergy, Mr. or Ms. Controlling Yahoo, it doesn’t matter that you like peanuts, stuff yourself on them, hell slather your body in peanut butter! But that will NEVER change the fact that someone else has a peanut allergy.

Thank goodness that we have choices and don’t all have to eat peanuts, because it would wind up killing some of us and the remainder would go to jail for murder! Also, you can’t devalue someone because they have a peanut allergy! That’s you being the biggest fan EVER of tattoo magazines.


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