Oct 20

Missing Summer series – Freezing Cold

Next up in our Flyboy Wakesurf Missing Summer series is a little edit from back in mid March earlier this year. The weather was frightfully old and so was the water!


Here is that edit for you, maybe reminding you of your current weather AND making you wish summer were back.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to the Missing Summer series Freezing Cold video, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

We hope you that brought back some fond memories of your early season of wakesurfing. We’ll continue to present another in our Missing Sumer series each Sunday, so be sure to check back to get your weekly fix!

Thanks so much for watching we really appreciate it.

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Oct 18

Our recent rocker developments

We thought we’d talk a little about the changes we’ve made in the rocker of the Flyboy that James rides over the last few years. We mentioned it yesterday in passing and we’ll expound on it in future posts, but suffice to say that we’ve messed with it considerably over the last maybe 4 or so years, developing what we think is a better rocker for James as well as most folks.


All wake faces are a perfect curve, in some fashion or another. Not that they are perfectly uniform like a segment of a circle, but there are curves throughout all of them. The typically change the curvature, but they flow from the low point at the transom upwards towards the top of the lip and then also up and out the back of the pocket.

The perfect rocker would be one that sort of adjust to the needed shape INSTANTLY at any place on the wake. Abrupt curve at the trough into the transition and a very mellow light curve from the at the very back of the pocket, before it transitions up towards the wash.

The problem with that is the INSTANTly part. It’s possible to create morphing bottoms but they aren’t neceassirly fast and so you wond up with this sort of “is it there now?!” guessing game when trying to use a flexible or morphing bottom structure. Most folks simply do better with a static bottom and rocker, even if it’s BAD, rather than a dynamic one that doesn’t always change on cue.

We were chatting with a colleague Dennis Horton of the Walker Project and now also Chief Judge of the EWT, about some development we did years and years ago. Dennis lent lots of input and did some work with us out on the garage on occasion back then. We were remember a board that basically had broken while riding and it developed this negative rocker. It actually curved downward at the nose but the tail was mostly flat with some concave between the feet.

Looked funny as all get out, but was probably the single fastest board we’d ridden…in a straight line. It wouldn’t turn at all, because the nose would plow catching the wake and ending your ride!

Most shortboards, or surf style boards are ridden off the rear foot. We turn from there and go vertical using the rear foot. What’s interesting is that we also use it to slow down. You lean back to scrub off speed, and guess what else you are doing? You’re change the effective rocker of your board and creating more NOSE rocker and less tail rocker.

That struck us at the time. Everyone is using rocker elements from the late 60’s surfboards and trying to create these shapes that fit perfectly into our tiny little perfect curves.

The concept of rocker from surfboards was to allow surfboards to fit deep into the pocket of tubes. Carving and turning, but things changed when aerialist like Josh Sleigh starting bring above the lip tricks. Rockers haven’t that much. With the advent of more vertical surfing and wakesurfing, you want a board that can track up the wake, without scrubbing ridiculous amounts of speed off. Now, you no doubt have seen pro level surf style riders pumping like wild banshees. You can’t ride like that. Most folks don’t WANT to ride like that. We call it franticizing, all frantic pumping and generating speed. Those folks can have any rocker they want, because they are pumping like crazy! You’ve also seen pro level boards that folks who aren’t super human, can’t ride! We’ve developed James’ board to allow anyone to ride better.

Out in the ocean, where rocker was developed, folks ride way faster. If you remember your wakeboard days, the faster you went the HARDER the water became! It wasn’t really harder, but your speed over the surface tended to cause you to plane more and BOUNCE more when you hit.

Wakesurfing, isn’t like that. We go horribly slow in comparison to wakeboard or surfing, and that makes the water “softer”, if you will. If that’s the case, what do we want to do with our Rocker? Folks stuck back in the late 60’s will use a 3 stage rocker. Flat in the middle, curved at both ends. What that typically created was huge nose rockers and smaller tail rockers with this weird flat spot in the middle. It’s ok, but not really optimal.

Remember we said that all wake surface are perfect curves. They might be parabolic in shape but they are never a right angle…well maybe the Epic surf wake, but not any others. So why would we have a flat section? Also, if we all invoke nose rocker by loading down the tail, how much nose rocker do we need? Right, when you’re slamming on the brakes, you probably create 7 inches of nose rocker!

How much do you need to go vertical? Remember this picture from yesterday and above?


Probably none, huh? Well that’s not true, but what you want and need is a curved surface that will allow you to engage the wake face in such a manner as to be able to point the nose straight up.

Now this doesn’t really apply to pro’s that practice behind mom and dad’s boat 30 hours a week. Good for them that they can shrug off any other responsibilities and play all week long. You don’t have that luxury do you? Neither do we to be honest! Just some damn working stiffs, and so we had to figure out a better way a more effective rocker to allow James to ride optimally with no more than a few hours a week of practice. Just like you.

We’ll talk more about what we tested and discovered and the significant changes we’ve made to the rocker over the last 2 years or so, to dramatically improve the ride of James Flyboy and a board that YOU TOO can ride to make you a better rider.

Thanks so much for following along we really appreciate it.

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Oct 17

Your weekend stoke

Lets get you ready for your weekend.


We want to show you a short video from last weekend, we’re just getting around to posting it. It shows James Walker on his Flyboy, the very same model that you’ll be able to buy in 2015. It’ll be the most technically advance pro model wakesurf board available to consumers.

In this unedited video James lands some shuvs, a back big and goes vertical a bunch. Specifically James lands: air, ollie 3, air 180, shuv to revert, switch frontside surface 180, to revert shuv, backside big spin, Korina 3

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that video of James Walker wakesurfing his Flyboy, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

In the picture above you can see James headed for an ollie 3. Seriously vertical presentation of the board. But what else do you notice? There is a huge trough behind James in the wake face. So that brings up an interesting concept with regard to rocker, especially as it concerns going vertical with your wakesurf board. James has presented that board almost vertical in that one frame. How much rocker is needed to achieve that? Lots of it is being induced in the wake face, isn’t it?

We’re going to present a rather controversial position with regard to rocker in an upcoming series, be sure to stay tuned! And with that, we hope you’re able to get out this weekend and your boat isn’t put away just yet.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Oct 16

Natique brings back US Open and adds wakesurf

Did you see the announcement by Boarders Magazine? That Natique is bringing back the US Open, which was announced at the beginning of last month, but they are also adding wakesurf. As far as we know, that hadn’t been announced previously. It’s to be held in 10 days! yikes, right? Anyway, maybe they have already selected the riders for the wakesurf event and have that all figured out, we aren’t sure, but you can imagine the cost of traveling from the West Coast to Florida on less than 10 days notice!

Snapshot - 30

But, that’s interesting news isn’t it? In the press release they say that the winners of each division will be invited to the Masters!!! Is that a hint that Natique will be adding wakesurf as a discipline to the Masters? This past year then did a demo with Scott Byerly, and we mentioned too little too late, but maybe this is a step in bringing that to Masters? Who knows.

Now originally, as far as we could tell, it was slated to be another demo, like wakesurfing is something NEW. Here is a link from back in September showing the tentative schedule. We cut ‘n pasted the pertinent parts. Wake Surf Exhibition, maybe that now becomes a “contest” final?

2:15 pm – Wake Surf Exhibition
2:45 pm – Women’s Jump
3:30 pm – Women’s Slalom Super-Finals
3:50 pm – Men’s Slalom Super-Finals
4:15 pm – Wake Surf Exhibition
4:30 pm – Men’s Jump
5:45 pm – Awards
7:00 pm – Jake Miller hits the stage
***Tentative Schedule

Anyway, somewhere they got smart…err, we mean it changed, we’d guess. Now we aren’t quite sure what the field will look like. It’s pretty late in the season and it sounds like it was a last minute decision, so maybe it will still be an “exhibition” but sort of legitimized by calling it a contest. BUT, you have to like that there was some inclusion of wakesurf, in the end.

Now that also begs the question about a Natique wakesurf series, leading up to Nationals then to Masters. In the World Series of Wake Surfing there seemed to be more Natiques pulling stops than any other brand, so they sure seem poised for that launch, don’t they? Or maybe a greater role in the World Series? It’ll be interesting to see how the 2015 wakesurf competition season shapes up, because from afar, it looks like it may may explode with Natique offering up more involvement in wakesurf events.

It’s kind of interesting to see how Correct craft is expanding. They manufacture Natique, but they also own Atkion Parks which operates the Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC). That operation is expanding and will be opening the Miami Watersports Complex. As we understand it, it’s slated for this month!

Lots going on in the Florida area, that’s for sure.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Oct 15

Bigger Spin on a surf style board

Not that anyone knows what a surf style boards is, yet we all do. So odd, huh? Below is a picture of James mid bigger spin attempt.

Snapshot - 30

So James is working on a bigger spin with his Flyboy. It’s a 5 shuv with a 180 body varial. He’s close, but what does the landing look like on a surf style board? It’s revert isn’t it? PLUS the rider is switch, so it’s a crazy hard trick. Here is a short video of an attempt. You can see that James has the rotation and the height off the body varial, he just needs to put them all together and then figure out that revert landing.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to James Walker working on that bigger spin on his Flyboy, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

So something occurred to us with judging surf style boards and these shuv based tricks. Landing revert is going to require the rider to do something after. On a skim style board, you can ride revert all day long, but not the case with a surf style board with huge ass fins. So a skim style rider landing a bigger spin is just thinking, nail it, while a surf style rider is thinking nail it and hold it there long enough to get scored for THAT trick and then shuv or spin out of it. If the rider doesn’t demonstrate some weird-ass gap or doing nothing and then falls on say a surface 180 out, they’d lose the bigger spin altogether. Now lets be clear, the surf style rider has to freaking do something out of that revert position, no way in hell to stay like that, but if you land the bigger spin and fall in the simplistic 180 out, NO CREDIT. It’s stupid, but probably keeps tricks in the lower risk categories and with minimal add-ons to any of the tricks.

That is to say, it chokes progression and forces folks to concentrate on single iteration tricks. Shuv, back big, 360. Imagine landing a bigger spin in a contest in a surf style division and then in your jubilation, you fell on the frontside surface 180 out. Counts for nothing. It’s dumb, but also explains why runs become more similar and we don’t see significant risk in the surf style divisions.

Now about boards. So you’d expect to see a bigger spin in a skim division and also probably in skateboarding and also wakeskating. Those boards have somethings in common. One is that they are relatively speaking, pretty balanced end to end. Skimmers are pretty close to being non-directional and wakeskates mostly are.

We have an issue with that balancing with our surf style fins that have a large fin pod towards the back of the board and some extra traction back there. One way to sort of solve balancing that on a surf style board is to make it longer and with a blunted nose. More weight on the opposite end, longer board too. What we’ve done with James’ board, one that you’ll be able to buy here shortly, is hide some weight inside the core in about the same spots as the fins and traction. What we achieved with that is the ability for the board to rotate pretty uniformly around an imaginary axis thru the center of the board. Also, what would make sense with our fin pods? Closer together and slightly further back, right? Shorter depth would also help. The fin pod changes would be to get the fins out of the wake when riding revert. More inboard and the further out towards the tail, the greater likelihood that the tail will be out of the wake. OR, lengthen the board. It would be so helpful if we all knew what those parameters can be so that we can build and design for them. No one will because you don;t want to lose the time and investment for your cutting edge progressive shape only to find out, some head judge doesn’t lke your efforts.

We’ve opted out of lengthening the board because it simply harder for most folks to ride a longer board more aggressively. Shorter is easier for folks to rip on.

So, hopefully we’ll have a video of James landing that bigger spin on a surf style board, but probably not this year. Our local lake is basically closed for the year. The dock has been pulled and the only way to get to your boat after launching is to swim, or beach it. BUT, with the water level so low, most of the shore is pretty much jagged rocks just waiting to rip up gelcoat.

We promise to bring you any video, when James nails it!

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Oct 14

Riding the Ultimate Surf Style board

You’ll remember that we grabbed a set of C5 boxes and slapped them into a repaired skimmer that we had, wanting to revisit the old Walzer twin pin, twin fin design and we called it the Ultimate Surf style board. That was sort of tongue-in-cheek, we intend the design to be for James as his skimmer this upcoming season. James is a long time surf style rider and needs a tad more hold or actually FINS, as that’s what he’s used to riding with!

But we’ll repeat that no contest, no tour has any definition for what surf style is. Not in terms of riding, nor in an equipment definition, so there literally is nothing WRITTEN, or KNOWN that would prevent someone from taking this board into a surf style division. Now there used to be, but that was deleted and so NOW, there is no guidance at all.

There’s all sorts of silly talk about what “surf style” is. We live close to Santa Cruz and have surfed “the Lane” many times. You could paddle out at any break in Santa Cruz on any weekend and your chances of seeing a shuv, back big, or switch front big on a surfboard – like what “surf style”would be – are about the same as seeing a full on Unicorn. Yet that is state of the art in surf style wakesurfing. So, if the riding style isn’t the definition, doesn’t it have to be equipment that makes a board surf style?


Right? Be honest here. You recognize the difference in the divisions and the riding style, as well as a board. If the restrictions are based upon equipment, let’s just define them. Surf style MUST have at least two 4″ deep fins. See that’s easy, it probably eliminates lots of boards as surf style, but why oh why, if we have separate divisions, do we not specifically identify them?

Anyway, shuv based tricks are, plain and simple, easier on a skimmer than on a surf style board due to directional design attributes. Fins being one area.

So we grabbed that repaired skimmer and took a wild ass guess for the fin placement. After riding this board, we’re going to adjust the placement some, but this is the concept. Twin rail fins up somewhat from the tail. SURF STYLE!

photo (24)

We’ve put together a short compilation of James’ first 10 minutes of riding on the board. It’s something like 4 clips strung together, just so you can see how it rides. The segments include: lipslide, shuv, shuv out, ollie 3, stalled surface 180, stalled surface reverse, backside big spin, MOSTLY a switch front big spin, air, air, ollie 3, shuv, revert front shuv, shuv, revert backside surface 180.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to James Walker riding that ultimate surf style board.

Great skim run, right? Now THAT’s what you’ll be ridiculed for, but just try to call it a surf style run looking in the mirror without laughing. You can’t do it for more than 12 seconds. And, you’d never in a million years see those tricks out in any sort of ocean environment on a surfboard.

Some riding pictures, mid revert front shuv and an air.



Now we used the C5’s rather than wakeboard fins, because wakeboard fins are just stupid. We’re sorry if we offended you, but double foiled rail fins are ridiculous. At the tail they make more sense, but only singularly. The C5’s are foiled with the interior cup and exterior convex or bump. It helps create drive and lift, albiet not very much.

Placement forward provides an additional amount of grip and also release much earlier than at the tail. Also, if you took the time to watch the video, first off THANKS! Second off, revert is ridiculously easy, isn’t it? We need to make it even easier, but it’s one of the defining differences between surf and skim. BUT, now that there really aren’t any differences, except for spelling (surf vs skim) design for that. Right? We are really surprised at the lack of innovation considering the complete lack of guidance or rules.

So anyway, there you have it. Switch fronts, back bigs, surface 180’s to revert…that’s current surf style folks. You’ll never see that anywhere folks actually surf, but that is surf style wakesurfing. Oh you know what? We just understood! Surf style must be the CLOTHES you wear! How silly have we been! You have to WEAR surfer styles, like board shorts and cool sunglasses! Duh!

Now, we don’t doubt that somewhere there will be “equipment restrictions” if this concept is employed at an event somewhere. Which makes sense. Don’t worry about riding style restrictions, that’s never going to happen, trust us! Maybe at the EWT, but not anywhere else. BUT if there are equipment restrictions, and they just aren’t “known” or exist only in someone’s mind, never to be spoken until they don’t like the development, this concept would at least get that out in the open. Then we can all shape and design to that weirdness. Secrets are never any fun and why shackle developers and shapers like that? Why intentionally derail and hinder progression?

Anyway, if you are a surf style rider, that just got lumped into a combined division and need to convert your riding to be competitive. You’re wanting a little more hold than a traditional skimmer, as you start landing shuv’s, back bigs, switch fronts and effortless revert riding, here is your design!

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!

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Oct 13

Flyboy Wakesurf Missing Summer series

Last year we sort of hastily put together our first Missing Summer series. It was the middle of winter and we weren’t wakesurfing any more, so we dug out some old footage and created that first Missing Summer series. We planned better for this year.


Recently we’ve been noticing that many folks have had to tuck their boats away for the season and we’re prepared! We made about 20 videos from this past season, sort of recapping James Walker riding from different weekends. It’s just a fun little reminder of the season and we’ll present one each Sunday to help you make it through the long cold winter.

Here is that first in our Missing Summer series for the 2014-15 winter/off season, we call it: Fast Airs.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to our first in the Missing Summer series, if the embed above didn’t work for you.

We don’t have fancy camera equipment, nor are we any good at taking the videos to begin with! Most of the video you’ll see was taken with a tiny little Cannon point n’ shoot digicam. We really appreciate the folks that spend thousands of dollars maybe tens of thousands on video production, but you won’t find any of that here! Even the editor we use was like $30. So you get the idea, it’s just fun, not a big budget production trying to sell you something or someone. We hope you enjoy it and get a chance to remember your season this past year! We’ll be running them every week, on Sunday afternoon, through March, so be sure to come back each week during the winter!

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Oct 11

Wakeboard hate

Have you been subject to it? Or seen a sort of increase in it? The anger or hatred from wakeboard folks? We were made aware of a hate filled IG page, that was entitled fuck.wakesurfing. Here is a quick picture of the page. The tagline to the page was: Are you an avid wakesurfer? Fuck you.

photo (2)

ehhh, certainly not much IQ involved in that, but it does sort of beg the question. Why? If there are folks that are angry, and it’s just to be angry there isn’t much that can be done. Those folks will always find something else to be angry over soon enough, so it’s not a huge deal. The problem though is that there are some other places it crops up. Wakeworld.com is primarily a wakeboarding site and has in recent years added a wakesurfing forum. There are still arguments in the wakeboarding side of the site that talk disparagingly about wakesurfing. It’s this odd sort of scapegoating, sort of singling out wakesurfers for bad behavior and then it sort of spirals out of control from there. There tends to be a generalization that all wakesurfing is filled with no talent old men. While there are certainly a larger number of those, it’s not ALL there is.

The generalization isn’t ever applied to wakeboarding by those folks. You never see the reference to fat old men that wakeboard, almost like it was illegal or something. So what is the anger about? We see some wakesurf folks that become defensive and sort of bite back, throwing out their own set of generalizations. Then an even stranger sort of reaction that wears the wakeboard anger like a badge of honor. We’ve finally made it! There is a group that hates us! Certainly none of those things solve any issues, and maybe there isn’t a resolution.

We used to stage contests wayyyyy way back in the day with an INT League affiliate. The slalom skiers had their own lake and area they gathered and they did NOT socialize or interact with the wakeboarders. Neither group liked the other. The wakeboarders didn’t interact with the slalom skiers and then we were invited in and neither group liked the wakesurfers! We had just shown up! We weren’t wearing that as a badge of honor, it was just uncomfortable. It also made us think about how the future would unfold for those grass roots contests. Can you imagine little Johnny shows up for his first wakesurf contest at a local INT league event and some wakesurf gurus are all hyped up – that’s right hate us MOFO’s! And, they do. Heavy sigh.

So what is that all about? One reason, certainly, is that we have a weird wake development, where we send rollers down the line that seem to travel forever. It’s like your neighbor that blasts Led Zepplin all day and night or maybe another neighbor with a hound dog that barks at the slightest sound…like at a crickets chirp for hours and hours on end. It prevents you from the quiet enjoyment of your property. We understand the freedom for everyone on the water, but if our actions are interfering with others enjoyment, maybe we need to take a look at ourselves.

We read an interview with Drew Danielo who recounted seeing a wakesurf boat traveling too close to a smaller fishing boat and almost swamping them. If that’s how we are perceived, we deserve the hatred. That’s not freedom of the waterways, that’s someone being an entitled prick. Go around the fishing boat, wth is wrong with you?! You’re nothing but a bully at point. I’m bigger and I don’t care about anyone but me, so I’ll surf right by your ass.

No doubt that person also blasts Led Zepplin at 2 am every night.

Let’s be honest, we know that there are those in our sport that don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves and sadly, those bastards get lumped in with the rest of us, the vast majority who are considerate. If you see someone like that, or you’re part of the crew; say something. Not that we have to be relegated to the lower forty and only on windy days, but you don’t have to almost swamp a fishing boat. We mean, is that 15 feet of water REALLY all that important in your wakesurf run? Really?

But you know we also understand how envy works. Wakesurfing is growing in popularity and boat manufacturers have taken note. They are developing enhancements to boats that focus on increasing the pleasure and ease of wakesurfing. Far more than they are working on wakeboard features. Many are playing catch up, so no doubt there is a flood of innovation that might be seen by folks outside the sport as sort of favoritism. Well it’s commerce, wakesurfing is starting to sell boats, of course manufacturers would start cranking out features and benefits for that group. Manufacturers, not all that long ago, shunned the sport, now of course that is is providing additional sales they’ll jump on that bandwagon! It’s how business works!

It was interesting to go to the followers on that page. There were some big names in wakeboarding. Phil Soven, Parks Bonifay among others. These are sports stars that have 58,000 followers and MAYBE they follow 400 other IG accounts and both of them chose to follow this? The fuck.wakesurfing. Someone like a Phil Soven isn’t worked up over rollers on the water, no doubt he lives on a private lake and he’s riding Monday Thru Friday 10 am to 3 pm. There aren’t tons of wakesurf professionals screwing up the private lake, so is that about our contests or the professionals in our sport? If you go to wakeworld.com there are countless comments that are derisive about our professionals. On that IG account, there is lots of misinformation, like folks do when they want to mislead folks through hatred. But one in particular bothered us. It was a picture of Ashley Kidd after the WWSC awards with her huge 12K check. The comment was News Flash, women’s wakesurf pays out better than men’s wakeboard.

So that’s the root of the anger of those male wakeboard pros isn’t it? BUT, it’s not with wakesurfing. We mean what would that anger be? “Those damn wakesurf event organizers able to raise that much money by providing value for advertisers and being so damned efficient they can pay out huge amounts! AND those SOB’s believe in gender equality! We should hate them for being smart and good at what they do! AND for their gender equality stance. Those fuckers!” Lordy, it’s not safe for them to be pissed off at wakeboard event organizers that probably have screwed them over for years and years or that couldn’t raise the amount of money that wakesurfing can. Well that becomes a convoluted mess, but the point being wakesurfing pays out better because organizers do a better job of raising prize money. Don’t belittle that, attend an event and win some of it. Right? Or get pissed at your organizers that aren’t doing as good of a job, or that keep the money for their own wallets. Isn’t that just an opportunity waiting to be snatched? Anyway, the anger for those folks is misguided, in our opinion. It really should be focused on wakeboard event organizers that can’t match what wakesurf organizers can do in terms of fund raising, efficiency, generosity and taking a proactive stance on gender equality.  We’d support that anger.  We are all for properly focused anger that focuses on positive change.  Some folks believe in censorship for all but cheerleading of THEIR position and that’s just dumb.  If you’re pissed at wakeboard organizers because they aren’t doing the job as well as wakesurf organizers, get after them!  Offer up that picture of Ashley Kidd and say – wth?! Pay out like this you cheapskates! Right?  That’s good honest, well deserved anger that’s well placed!

So, we’d guess that it’s a little of both factors combined. There are some entitled little pricks in wakesurfing that literally couldn’t give a rats ass about anyone but themselves and they could use a quick visit to Kindergarten! Learn to share. That doesn’t mean, you can’t wakesurf or that you can only wakesurf in crappy water, but don’t pass by a fishing boat within 20 feet on the surf side. Really? That’s why some folks hate us, hell WE hate you for doing crap like that! As for envy, not much to be done there. We can be sensitive to folks and not rub it in their faces, but commerce will do that everyday. That’s not US, that’s their crap. Wakesurf organizers are doing a better job, raising more money and giving more of it away. Also, they treat the genders fairly and equally. C’mon who is going to argue against that, that doesn’t have hairy, floor dragging knuckles.

Anyway, we don’t think it’s a badge of honor, not even if we were 16 again trying to be hoodlums. We’ve been subjected to the anger just because we showed up at an event, it’s not pleasant. We also worry about little Jimmy who may be subject to that anger at some combined grass roots event. That’s not good for anyone, even if you think its some meaningful sign of achievement. We also aren’t quitting because wakesurfing is growing and thriving…because organizers of wakesurf events do a better job at paying out. That’s NOT a problem with wakesurfing, that’s a skill and a feature of the discipline. Also, we’re pretty sure that no one in wakesurfing hates wakeboarders, so we’d love to see those professionals come win some of the money flying around. At least we’ve never heard that, maybe it exists, but we know at our event the Supreme Wake Surf Championship we’d love to see pro wakeboarders competing. So maybe that is the point of this post, come join us on occasion, we pay well and we have fun.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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Oct 10

Weekend stoke

Have you put your boat away for the season, already?


Fall is definitely in the air here in NorCal, so we’ll be slowing down shortly. Sunday afternoon we’ll start our Missing Summer series, and as a teaser to that, here is a short video clip of James Walker on his Flyboy, to kinda kick your weekend off, if you’re still surfing, or making you a little misty if you’re boat is already winterized.

For our mobile enabled users, here is a link to that weekend stoke video if the embed above doesn’t work.

We sure hope that you have fond memories of your wakesurf season, or that it’s still going strong for you. We’re about to enter our build season, so we’ll hopefully have some interesting articles that can keep you going this winter. Stay tuned to Flyboy as we help you weather the long cold dry spell.

Thanks for following along, we appreciate it.

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Oct 09


You heard us! Fiddlybits! It’s the stuff that you do to fix something that’s broken. We’ve all done it, like a splint on a fractured leg, tape it up to hold it in place. We’ve also done it around the house, like when your glasses break at the bridge you tape a piece of plastic to them until you can get to the doctor to get a new frame. We want to share a few quotes before we get into a discussion about fiddlybits!

There is a great book for older teens, worth reading as adults. It’s by Ned Vizzini and is titled It’s Kind of a Funny Story. The main character is Craig Gilmer and the main character is brutally emotionally honest in the story. If you are all about being 100% positive at all times, first you’re a liar, but second this book will make you uncomfortable. The Craig checks into a psychiatric hospital where he finally gets the help he needs. It’s a skillful witty handling of a sensitive issue that is an important book and worth the read. One statement in the book is priceless. Craig states: “Everyone has problems. Some people just hide their crap better than others.”

Right? We all see that the gorgeous facade on the house and inside we hear the story about how the family was performing satanic rituals. Anyway, within this blog, we show you our failures. If there is anyone that you think isn’t or doesn’t have failure; they just hide their crap, really well. We’re not ashamed of that, hell we reveal in making mistakes, because that means we became that much closer to success and gained useful knowledge.

Which leads us to the next quote, from Albert Einstein. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.” We think it’s from his book Cosmic Religion: With Other Opinions and Aphorisms. You know, brilliant man and we get the gist of the sentiment, but bullshit! Try surfing some imagination! It’s good to be able to move beyond the what is to what could be, but it becomes useful when it condenses into some useful knowledge.

Ok, so all of that leads to a fiddlybit and knowledge for us. Below is a picture that is from a board we made, man…we are guessing around 2007’ish. Maybe 2006, we aren’t quite sure at this point. Ignore the poor workmanship for a moment, we built it in the dead of winter and w were struggling with some vacuum bagging issues that we finally resolved. So we didn’t attempt a cut lap on the carbon wrapped rails. Anyway, this board had a 1 pound density EPS core, Corecell A500 skins top and bottom, balsawood rails, in fact a complete perimeter frame. It was very early in our efforts and the bottom was flat, it didn’t have a concave or tucked rails. It was just nicely flat and also it precedes our work with the twinzer fin pod.

photo (23)

And we want to point out something around the fins. Do you see the two sort of faint lines running horizontally across the board on either side of the fin boxes? Those are actually embedded carbon tubes. So here was the fiddlybit issue. In that super soft 1 pound density core, we had some fin twist. We never lost a fin box, but you could feel the loss of power as the fins sort of twisted around in the foam. Currently, meaning 2014, many manufacturers use high density foam inserts to sink their fin boxes in to rectify that problem. More fiddly bits. From a manufacturing standpoint, you want to reduce labor costs, as much as possible. Labor is the single most expensive variable cost in the equation. It destroys margins and drives prices higher. Also, a composite sandwich is basically a stringerless board. If you love your wooden stringers, that’s fine, We won’t tell you your wrong for that, but stringers in a composite sandwich are wrong.

There simply isn’t any reason to go through the hassle of creating a stringerless construction, to convert it back to stringered construction. Just start out with stringered. Stringerless boards are felt by many to be exceptionally lively and more responsive. BUT, they need to be stringerless! Right? So this project was, well not a monumental failure, but it awakened us to a few things. One is, if you’re just going to insert fiddlybits to make it a stringered board, skip the hassle and buy a stringered blank! Way cheaper and easier. The second bit of knowledge that it imparted was reducing labor costs. Not that we really had any at that stage, it was just us, but we HOPED at some stage there would be. Dear Lord, don’t create such a complicated mess of a build process with bits and pieces that required tons of labor and introduced more things to fail or go wrong, step back and look at the issue. For us here, it was the foam density. It was 1 pound EPS that was well just floppy.

It created a ridiculously light board, but if we had to add fin box inserts or crazy horizontal pieces to allow the fins to work optimally, maybe there is a better choice in core material. Right? What we then experimented with was a higher density EPS for a core. This project was 1.0 pound density, maybe it was a nominal density of 0.75, so we bumped up through 2.0, which was too heavy, but at 1.5 pound / cubic foot, we fixed all of the ills and guess what? It was about $2.50 more per board. The crazy routing of a slot for the horizontal tubes and the cost of the tubes, plus all the labor to cut the right length, test fit it, glue it in, fashion up a cover where it was below the surface of the bottom…well you get the idea, it would drive up the cost per unit by $100 easily in a production environment AND actually wound up being heavier than a higher density core material.

So maybe old Albert was right, if you doggedly view the only option as inserting more fiddlybits, you really are doomed to failure. Luckily, we didn’t have enough knowledge to get stuck in that trap! We knew that we preferred the performance and advantages of composite sandwich construction and we also knew that fiddlybits were just a failure to stand back and assess the problem correctly. By not being invested in a failed material, we were free to choose a better option! 1.5 pound. The board that you see James riding currently, doesn’t have a 1 pound density core and it’s also not a store bought stringered blank. We developed an understanding of sandwich build process and also, refused to get married to any individual component or material and luckily the process allows us to switch up all manner of materials and orientations of those materials.

So, there you have it. Fiddlybits aren’t a feature, they are a bandaid trying to fix a problem and always drive manufacturing costs higher. We are also really REALLY emotionally honest in this blog. We screw crap up all the damn time, and hopefully, it leads us to better products and performance.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!

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