Jun 06

Ollie 5 to switch revert 9!

We wanted to share with you a killer new trick. James has been working on a number of new tricks for this contest season this summer. As we’ve been mentioning we have drastically changed the shape of James’ Flyboy to afford him greater control while revert and during surface spins.

Mid week June Alpha 77 003

The lovely and talented Pam!

Watch this unedited clip of James Walker landing another amazing combination. It starts with an air reverse, grabbed ollie 3 and then an ollie 5 to a switch revert surface 9!!! Then wraps it all up with a bottom turn to surface reverse, air 180 to surface 5, blender and a front big spin attempt.  On that front big, you can see that james got the board to do the 3 shuv and he landed back on the board switch stance, but it sort of spun way out of control coming down the wake.

That 1440 broken up into the ollie 5 and then a switch revert 9 is truly amazing! We’ll be talking more about the shaping changes that give James this level of control in future Flyboy Wakesurf blog posts, you NEED this board! Well, if you are an advanced level rider, you’ll need this board in ’14. If you are visiting us from your mobile device or prefer to watch the wakesurf video on your YouTube channel, use the link!

Now, lets break that down a little. You saw the 1440 comprised of the 5, then the revolutions are stopped! After the pause, James Walker resumes and completes a switch revert 900! Stopping the rotation midway around is ridiculously hard, but then starting it back up!!!! The hardest thing you’ve ever seen. Stop for a moment and think how hard it is for you to do a 3 or maybe your 7. Now think of stopping that and adding another 7 on top of it! Let’s give credit where it’s due. James Walker is just an amazing talent and the wake behind our Supreme V226 is unrivaled, you’ll NEVER see tricks like this behind an Enzo or a Zed series. However, underlying that is the revised shaped that James Walker is riding for ’13 and that you’ll see in ’14. Greater control and literally effortless surface rotations…well that’s an overstatement, but the design does make surface rotations, tighter and easier for James. AND, there is an exceptional increase in control from the nose when the Flyboy Wakesurf board is revert.

Channels for control purposes, are stupid, they literally act as additional fins and lock up whichever end they are on. If you’re looking for HIGHER performance and not just hype, you need this shape for ’14.

Mid week June Alpha 77 499

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it!  We have a few more wakesurf tricks we hope to share over the next week or so, be sure to check back.

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