Mar 08

Midweek wakesurfing

We had the pleasure of hosting Jason from Faction Boardshop, which is in Minnesota, for a little midweek wakesurfing. Jason is out talking with Fineline Industries about selling Supreme boats and wanted to get a set behind our Supreme V226. We had hoped to show you some video of a big spin that James landed and Jason recorded using the new GoPro Hero 3 Black edition, but we can’t seem to get the files we copied off the mini-disk to work. Hopefully we’ll get that one clip working and we can post it. For now, some of our normal pictures. We are on the hunt for a new camera that will take continuous photos, the one we have takes 10 frames per second, which really stops the action nicely, but only takes 10 shots in that burst mode, so most of James airs and other tricks aren’t fully captured.

This is a quick picture of James Walker landing a grabbed off-axis aerial. It’s a brutal landing, but James pulls it off during this midweek wakesurfing session.

Here is the first shot in the sequence, we are having to wait to start the shots so that we can get the majority of them saved! So, none of the launch! The board is vertical and James is just manipulating it with his toes.


Here is the re-entry sequence, James has dropped the grab and now has to flip the board back down. You can see how difficult this air is, there is a horizontal to vertical and back again rotation of the board, done with the hands and feet, done in conjunction with the aerial. It has the normal difficulty level associated with a grab, but then also the flipping of the board both UP and back down.


Dropping back in, James is close to touching the wake again and you can see the change in the orientation of the board from that vertical back to horizontal.


James is able to rotate the bottom of the board so that once his weight is applied, the board rotates back down.

James and Jason 308

And James absorbing the landing with his legs!

James and Jason 310

Finally back into the wake.

James and Jason 311

We are going to hound Jason for a copy of that big spin video, you can see the Black Edition Gopro on the extended pole in the bottom right of all the photos so it should be a killer video from that angle, plus we’d love to see the whole thing in slow motion! He took several videos of James Walker riding behind our Supreme V226 wakesurf boat

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it.

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