Feb 13

Kick Flip

Did you see it? Zoltan Torkos landed a kick flip behind the boat. Here is a real grainy picture mid kick flip.

kick flip

There is supposed to be video following, when it’s published we’ll post up a link for folks.

That changes things doesn’t it? For those not familiar with Zoltan he’s a professional surfer and he won the Volcom kickflipoff challenge last year with the first kickflip captured on a camera.

Now he’s done it again with a kick flip behind the boat. But there is a problem isn’t there? That’s different equipment than we use behind the boat. Zoltan will be riding a much narrower and longer board to be able to toss a kick flip like that. Now the scoring criteria, as messed up as it is, will no doubt allow Zoltan to win every contest he successfully lands that trick in. We’re pretty sure there will have to be a scramble to clarify or change the rule to protect folks, again, but until that happens, the kick flip will be the trick to beat. We’ve pointed out before, the scoring criteria becomes a best trick contest and damn is this the one! No one else can even do it, hard to get more difficult than THAT!

But as folks go to chase that trend, equipment needs change. Narrower and longer and ridden off the middle. We’ll see what the future brings, because the kick flip is a HUGE deal and it wasn’t a progression from within the sport, we imported it.

It’ll be fun to see what this brings to wakesurfing, because we are reaching out from our base to bring in bigger and greater talent. There’s your legacy folks, enjoy it.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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