Jul 04

July Fourth

Have you ever read the phamlet “Common Sense” written by Thomas Paine, back in 1776? It’s so worth the time, although it’s not an easy read due to the period dialog. We can only imagine what our forefathers must think of our dialect! It was reflective of the sentiment of the general populous back in the day. It was also the first publication to openly suggest breaking away from the monarchy.

James Walker on his Flyboy

Early July Alpha 77 pictures 205

Here is a link, if you scan down a bit you’ll find the full text, the 3rd edition of it’s printing. It’s a powerful piece. Being able to question a Government, rulers or a ruling body is the embodiment of this great nation of ours.

That’s the end of our civics lesson for the day, we just like the concept of identifying tryannts. You’ll know one by their exclusionary practices.

We sure hope you are surronded by family and friends this holiday weekend and are enjoying a well deserved rest from work.

A short fun little GoPro vid we took the other day of James Walker on his Flyboy.

For our friends that use a mobile device, here is a link to that video of James Walker wakesurfing his Flyboy

That was fun.

Early July Alpha 77 pictures 206

Thanks so much for following along. We may take the long weekend off, so if you don’t see anything new from us over the holiday, we’re just goofying off, but we’ll be back bright and early on Monday!  Maybe with a wakesurfing post.


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