May 06

James Walker weekend set

We’ve been out on the lake a few times this last week, the surf style front shuv and then yesterday a great set where James Walker lands a shuv-in, shuv-out sequence then right after a backside big spin!

An aerial picture to get started.

Alpha 77 Early May 045

Here is the unedited video of James Walker wakesurfing, it’s almost at the end, but it’s worth teh wait for that shuv sequence and the back big.

If you are visiting using a mobile device or just want to watch James Walker land those wakesurf tricks on your YouTube console, there’s the link!

Wasn’t that sick! It’s a great set.

Alpha 77 Early May 220

Thanks for following along. We want to share a short wakesurfing video and do some editorializing later this week, we sure hope you’ll come back!  If you have a background in skateboarding or want a glimpse into what we think the future of wakesurf tricks will look like, you’ll want to tune back in!

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