Mar 18

James Walker wakesurfing mid March

We are not liking the new Canon Powershot SX 260, it’s super fast, but it only takes 10 shots at that speed! So we get the first half of all the tricks in sequence shots. We’ll just have to figure something else out. For now though, a few pictures of James Walker wakesurfing from over the weekend. A grabbed air and at the end, a shuv.

Mid March Wakesurfing 187

In between the photos a short REALLY unedited clip of James Walker wakesurfing: http://flyboywakesurf.com James Walker trunking it in mid March and landing: Ollie 3, bottom turn to snap, air 180, ollie 7, surface reverse, air reverse, shuv attempt

Man it just didn’t focus fast enough, either!  The shuv sequence from James Walker wakesurfing.

Mid March Wakesurfing 411

Mid March Wakesurfing 412

Mid March Wakesurfing 413

Mid March Wakesurfing 414

Mid March Wakesurfing 415

Mid March Wakesurfing 417

Thanks for watching, reading and putting up with our crappy quality pictures and video!  We hope to have some good slow-motion video that we’ll post later in the week and then some more discussion on the composite sandwich build.


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