Mar 04

James Walker Wakesurfing early March

We got a chance to take our Supreme V226 out for a little wakesurfing, including the bucket board and the GPS Data Logger. We’ll talk more about those topics later in the week. For today, a few pictures of James Walker wakesurfing. We are using a new camera and we don’t quite have it figured out yet, but hopefully soon!

New Camera Wakesurfing 323

This is a short unedited clip of James Walker wakesurfing, including: Slash, lipslides, Air 3, Widow Maker, bottom turn to snap, ollie 3, grabbed air, air reverse, backside big spin, carving backside switch, Korina 3 attempt.

One last picture of James Walker landing a tail grabbed aerial, we took this from a frame grab out of the above wakesurfing video.

New Camera Wakesurfing 638 frame

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it.

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