Apr 10

James Walker wakesurfing captured on a GoPro

We wanted to start this post with a picture of James Walker wakesurfing ass-back-wards! How precise is THAT!

Alpha 77 Early April 709

That’s James in the middle of an ollie indecision. We’ll have to make that a seprate post, we really like that wakesurf trick.

Ok, so on to the main topic and that is we captured James Walker wakesurfing using a GoPro and all we can say is WOW! We had no idea how misleading the representation of the wake is using the GoPro with that wide angle lens. It’s no wonder the spamsters use it, it totally distorts the wake presentation. The wake on our Supreme V226 is tall and long, but not 6 feet tall nor 48 feet long! So we apologize for the obvious distortion, but the perspective is really interesting and fun as long as you keep in mind, it’s misleading as all get out.

So here is the unedited gopro video of James Walker wakesurfing his flyboy and landing: Ollie 3, air 180, surface reverse, air 3, air reverse and then a big spin attempt.

If you prefer to watch James Walker wakesurfing in your YouTube console, there is the link!

OH! Remember the other day, we took out the finless, stringerless, laminated-less wakesurf board project and wakesurfed it? Well we’re going to laminate it this week. So here is a picture of the bottom being faired. Now we can do that right after wakesurfing it, because…it doesn’t take on water.  Not only is it sturdy, but we don’t have to worry about it taking on water and leaving it out to dry before laminating it.

Sealing 003

Wakesurf it, shuv it, then laminate it. That’s the James Walker Flyboy durability.

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