Sep 04

James Walker Signature traction by Agenda Surf

We wanted to share with everyone, James’ signature traction from Agenda Surf. Agenda just released the ad on Facebook.

james traction ad

You can buy the James Walker signature traction by Agenda Surf at the Flyboy Wakesurf store.

James is back attending classes at the University, starting this week. It’s a tough go for him, as he is about the only pro level surf style rider that is attending classes full time and then works the night shift to support himself. He really only gets about 1 hour a week of practice. James helps offset his costs to attend these contests, in part, by the Flyboy Wakesurf Store. James is really the only adult male surf style competitor holding down significant responsibilities, full time classes, almost a full time job and trying to squeeze in some practice. When you buy from the Flyboy Wakesurf Store you’re helping James offset his costs for attending these events and maybe he can get 2 hours of practice one week!

We would really appreciate your business and support! James certainly thanks you.

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