Apr 15

James Walker off side GoPro video

We’re starting to find some good uses for the GoPro. We don’t like it for straight on shots behind teh boat because it distorts the image so much, making the wake look much taller and longer than it is. It feels “spammer’ish” to do that. BUT we got this idea of having James bonk off the GoPro being held above the lip!!! We’ve slowed the rate down to about 50% and trimmed a truckload of dead space from the video, but it was fun! We also decided to hide the sound from the original and thanks to YouTube for the editing tools! The slow motion caused the original laughter to sound like evil clowns or something. It was weird and spooky, so we just applied a soundtrack over it!

We’ll probably try this again and change the angle of the GoPro a little, but we really liked the perspective of James Walker airing and rotating over the camera. Here is a frame grab from the video, below. It was shot at 240 frames per second! That rate is crazy fast, but also isn’t really clear! We guess this is how it manages the video presentation. This gives you an idea of the orientation and how close James was to the camera.  We talked about it and he just boosted over it.  The ollie 3 segment is our favorite, James went past the camera and then did the ollie 3 back over it!  So cool!

Snapshot - 6

Here is that edited video. The GoPro distorts the wake shape and length so much with the wide angle lens option, it really can’t be used to accurately document anything. BUT as an artistic impression, it’s great fun, soooo EDIT we did!  Just realize it’s a GoPro artistic license.

Here is the link to the video if you prefer to watch the offside slow motion video of James Walker wakesurfing if you prefer to watch it in your youtube console.

That was fun, we’ll have to try that again after we figure out the camera angle and orientation. We also have a short video and some pictures to finish up the buoyancy discussion, be sure to check back!

Thanks so much for following along!

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