May 03

James Walker lands a surf style front shuv

Whoa! Right?! It’s true, we have the video and pictures to prove it! Without further adeu, here are a few select pictures of James Walker on his Flyboy Wakesurf board absolutely owning a surf style front shuv to backside surface 180 out. Now these are just a select few of the sequence shots within the entire album, double click on any and check out the entire sequence in the Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr album. Or, use the link!

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 734

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 735

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 736

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 737

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 738

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 739

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 740

So that really captured the front shuv component of the trick. Of course, James’ board being a surf style board, the fins are going to engaged and either stop the board or spin it. James brings the board around with a backside surface 180.

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 746

It’s a little hard to see in these pictures, but the board is revert, that’s the tail in the wake at this stage.

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 748

There you go, all the way back around.

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 752

Here is the unedited version of the video showing James Walker landing the surf style front shuv.

If you are using a mobile device or prefer to watch James Walker land a surf style front shuv on your Youtube Console, there is the link!

Yesterday some variations on a 1080, today a front shuv, last year the first ever surf style big spin. YOU need a Flyboy James Walker signature wakesurfer! James is an incredible talent, and he is always leading the way with new tricks. He’ll be imitated, because it’s hard to be the pioneer, much easier to study James’ video and duplicate his efforts. But do you want to be an also ran? Somewhere back in the pack always following and copying from a more innovative and better rider? If you want to be the first in your crew to land new tricks, to be the leader that everyone else mimics, the rider that others study rather than developing their own style, then you too need the James Walker Pro Model.  Lead the way and let the others copy you, on your 2013 James Walker Flyboy pro model.

End of April Alpha 77 pictures 755

We are heading to the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship next week, as usual we’ll share our travelogue with you folks, keep your fingers crossed for an uneventful trip! However, we are aso uncertain what the internet connection will be like, so we may be a little slow to post through next week.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!

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