Mar 13

James Walker landing a back big in slow-mo

We’ve talked about the back big that James Walker landed when we were riding with Jason Lybeck from Faction Boardshop. Jason has been busy at work editing together a short video of the day and he graciously included that back big in slow-mo at the very end of this short edited clip. We’ve been anxious to show it to you folks and we’re sure you’ll like James Walker wakesurfing. You have to love the foot and a half of air as James lands the big spin.

Without further ado, here is that video

All of that video was shot in about 90 minutes of wakesurfing behind our Supreme V226. The video was shot using a GoPro Hero 2 Black Edition. The slow-mo of the big spin was done at 240 FPS setting! It’s such a cool surf style wakesurf trick and even better when you get to see it slowed down like that.  You can see how high the wakesurf board is above the lip.

Thanks so much for watching!

James and Jason 268

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