Apr 08

James Walker Flyboy

We got a chance to take the James Walker Flyboy out again over the weekend and wanted to share a few pictures of James himself wakesurfing the James Walker Flyboy. As usual, if you want to see the entire sequence, you can double click any of the pictures and you’ll wind up at our Flyboy Wakesurf Flickr Album

Landing from a boned air

Cannon early April 420

Entry into an ollie 3, the rest of the sequence is in teh album reference above.

Cannon early April 425

Here is a short unedited clip of the James Walker Flyboy and James wakesurfing it.

If you prefer to use your Youtube console to watch James on the James Walker Flyboy, there is the link! Don’t forget you can purchase it directly from James Walker himself at the Flyboy Wakesurf Store.

Also, we want to share a unique demonstration of the composite sandwich wakesurf board we’re building, you’ll enjoy it.

attaching deck skin 004

That picture, above, is just a weird angle and the lights are reflecting the wild rail bands we’re using, the wakesurf board isn’t 5 inches thick like it appears! Although it’s interesting how deceiving cameras and pictures can be.  You’d swear that board is 5 inches thick looking at that picture! Check back tomorrow for a fun little demonstration and truthful, too.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.

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