Mar 19

James Walker back big wakesurf trick

Please accept our apologies for the poor picture quality in this post, we’re struggling with a new camera. Struggling in this context means not THROWING it against the wall! We’re going to have to replace it as it’s just not suitable for our purposes, which includes meaning we can’t figure it out. So the first thing is that it only shoots a maximum of 10 photos in a burst. Which is really cool for capturing high speed action, but on some of James wakesurf tricks it only captures 50% of it! The other thing seems to be that it’s just not really fast at focusing, hopefully that’s not us, but regardless, we can’t get it to work!

We wanted to show you James Walker back big wakesurf trick, but you’ll have to sort of switch between the video and the stills. We have uploaded all of the 10 sequence shots to a Flickr album – James Walker back big wakesurf trick, but as you can see, we were only able to get 10 frames of the total trick. You can view the entire 10 frame sequence in our Flyboy Wakesurf flickr album.

Here are a few, starting sort of mid varial/mid 360

Mid March Wakesurfing 372

James about to regrab the Flyboy Wakesurf board.

Mid March Wakesurfing 373

This is kind of a cool shot, just before the rider and board hit the lip again

Mid March Wakesurfing 374

…and touch down

Mid March Wakesurfing 375

We skipped ahead through most of the re-entry but you can see James landed the back big cleanly.

Mid March Wakesurfing 381

Here is the video, which shows James Walker back big wakesurf trick much clearer. James starts the video with an Ollie 3, then the back big.

If you prefer to watch the video in your Youtube console, here is the link to James Walker wakesurfing

Again we’re sorry about the poor quality of the sequence shots, hopefully we’ll get that resolved by next week!

Mid March Wakesurfing 187

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it and your patience as we figure out the camera situation and we promise to bring you better pictures of James Walker wakesurfing!

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