Oct 07

James Walker at the Global Warfare Finals

Well, this isn’t how James rides, except behind the Z3. They billed the event as being pulled behind a new boat, but it looks like it’s just the same Z3’s with way too much weight and in the wrong places for the wakesurf component. It’s obviously a tough wake to begin with, but they had photographers on the swim deck and on the non-surf side and folks moving around, between riders so that the wake was inconsistent through the event, probably better for some riders than others.

Snapshot - 5

Anyway, here is James’ run in the prelims, we videoed the live feed, from the MyWake Global Warfare media event. Just remember that’s not James’ normal riding ability, that’s the wake behind the Z3 and the out-of-control photographers…well not photographers, the photo-op/media event. Everyone rode poorly in the men’s pro surf, James’ run “should” seed him first or second.

For our Mobile Enabled friends, here is the link to James’ Prelim run.

Thanks for following along. We probably won’t update from the finals of this event, it’s mostly about getting pictures rather than a decent wake for the riders, so it’s not reflective of any single riders ability. Even if they get the wake under control for Sunday, with the cumulative scoring it’s a mess.  We’ll wish James good luck, for the sake of the money, but feel bad for the conditions/wake he had to earn it on and the obvious intent of the event.

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