Jun 14

James Walker and Flyboy land the first ever Surf Style 2160!

Have you noticed how many times we say that about James Walker and Flyboy? “James Walker on his Flyboy land the first ever…” Do you notice who doesn’t? Every other manufacturer, right? Well except for Beer can label graphics and Unicorns flying over rainbows. Now we don’t have anything against mythical winged horses and all, we just prefer ACTUAL performance, to cute or pretty.

So here is the video that shows the trick, it’s a GoPro in 1080 at a medium angle lens setting. So, of course, the wake looks monsterous, it’s good but not 7 feet tall. Just keep that in mind.

If you are visiting us using a mobile device, use this link to watch James Walker land the first ever Surf Style 2160!

So, 6 revolutions. Now you may not like surface rotations, and we’re fine with that, but you need to understand the mechanisms here. Watch the video again and you’ll see that the first 3 or so rotations, James Walker and his Flyboy are basically spinning in one location.

Not squatting like the skimmers do, where they spin in the flats, but up and over the lip, using the wake face and the very top of the lip. The first few rotations are without a hand in the face also. As James speeds the rotations up, he is elongateing the rotations, but those first few are basically in place. Now we’ll point out one last thing, the tail isn’t sliding like it’s broken free, it’s carved…completely vertical, then back down and basically in place.

THAT is monumental, the ability to turn and carve in such a tight arc that the board remains in the same place in the wake, and what’s happening, of course, is that James Walker is actually moving forward maintaining that position with the boat travel. Rotating backside and moving forward.

Did that catch your attention? James Walker is turning away from the boat and actually traveling forward on the wake towards the boat.

Stop and think about that for a moment, if you are in trim in the wake, what are you doing? Are you really standing still? No, in effect you are traveling forward at whatever speed your boat is traveling at. Now carve away from the boat so that you’re pointed towards the back of the pocket. You’re carving backwards away from the boat, aren’t you? That’s not what James is doing, is it? With each revolution, where it is principally staying in one spot, he’s spinning to the right and actually traveling to the left.

So what’s the secret?

Pixie dust! We swiped it from that Unicorn and Rainbow graphic! Well that and infused bamboo. We’ll start talking about the shaping and fin changes we’ve made so that you’ll have a better idea how the new James Walker Flyboy is working so well for James and how it will take your riding to amazing new levels of performance and achievements. BUT, you’ll have to skip the Beer can logos and Unicorns.

As you are waiting for that discussion, we want you to think about all the other surf style boards that are currently manufactured and their level of performance and control. 360’s are fairly common, 7’s show up too, some by little 60 pound children and some adults. 10’s don’t at all, 14’s don’t at all, 18’s don’t at all and you damn well know 21’s don’t at all, except for James Walker and this new Flyboy.  That guy that’s telling you what board to get?  He’s making money or getting free boards when he refers you to get Unicorns. Believe it.  We’ll make money too, we’re just up front and honest about it. 🙂  Plus, this is a MUCH higher performing board.  Compare it to any other surf style board and what’s being landed on it.  Hands down, nothing performs better.  Judge for yourself.

Mid week June Alpha 77 293

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!

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