Jul 01

GoPro Back Big and a couple of feet

We are woefully lacking in our editing skills, noting how so many folks edit out falls or change failed back bigs into what would appear to be completed ones. BUT, some of the effects are really great, we aren’t there yet. So imagine the frame grab at the end, properly set at the height of the back big above the lip in sequence! If we ever figure out how to split the file, we’ll be golden!

Snapshot - 10

That’s huge! A couple of feet above the lip and then James is another foot above the board.

Here is the edited clip and one day, we’ll get better at it!

If you are joing us using a mobile device, here is the link to the video of James Walker landing that huge back big

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it.  We’ll get back to our discussion of changes in this Flyboy Wakesurf board, shortly

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