Jan 09

Flyboy Wakesurf is now mobile’ized!

We’ve mentioned before that we are in the process of creating an online store here at Flyboy Wakesurf and as we continue to evolve our website and offerings, the next step in our roll out plan was to create a mobile-friendly version of the site. If you only use your computer to look at Flyboy Wakesurf, you may not know what it looks like when viewed on mobile devices, like your smart phone. In a word it was HIDEOUS! But also, there are all manner of cool things that have been developed for mobile devices. One such advance is the QR code. You’ve probably seen them all over and most will know what it is, but for those that don’t here is a quick example.


Is that cool or what? Yeah, mostly or what. From what we understand it’s exceptionally popular in Japan and there are apps for your smart phone that allow you to read that QR code and then it translates it into a URL so that your web browser takes you, well directly to this site! 🙂 You get the idea though, put the QR code on our Flyboy Banner at the WWSC and folks walking by can scan it and go directly to our mobile’ized site…if there is any 4G signal!!!! We have just started our foray into the mobile version of our site and our mobile visitors continue to climb day-by-day, so we hope by the time the wakesurfing season starts, we’ll have our final working mobile site all set up.

We think that we must be the first wakesurf specific site to develop a mobile version of their website, not that there are lots of wakesurf specific websites, but we are proud to be the cutting edge in technology! We still have lots to do, but we just wanted to let you, our loyal readers know about our progress and allow you to follow along on your mobile devices.

Now the current mobile version of our site has truncated some functionality, it’s removed the right hand side sidebar widgets like the youtube videos and Facebook Like. Our current plan is to incorporate our store into the mobile’ized version of our website, and we’ll also offer SMS text message specials, now and again, to our mobile users! Plus you’ll still be able to follow all of the regular blog posts, like on composite sandwich developments, and goings on here at Flyboy Wakesurf. We also hope to develop a series of instructionals on some of James’ tricks that will be mobile-friendly so that you can use your smart phone out on the boat to dial in your efforts at learning new tricks! Yeah we know that you take your smart phone out on the boat, c’mon get serious! 🙂

Late October Wakesurfing 325

Thanks so much for following along and also being patient with us as we implement our new features to the Flyboy Wakesurf website and mobile site and if you have a smart phone, and QR reader app, give our QR code a read and let us know what you think.  We want to make the site useful for mobile users, so please just constructive criticism.



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