May 11

First day of the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship

As we mentioned yesterday we are starting kind of early here today to be cautious with the wind, we want to make sure everyone’s ride is the BEST they can get behind these gorgeous Supreme V226’s here at the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship. There has been a slight onshore wind developing later in the day, so we want to try and beat that. As we said yesterday, the forecast was for no wind today, we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Now wakesurfing in the ocean is not new, but this will be the first contest of it’s kind, where the event is actually pulled in saltwater. We’re going to pull it off, because no one on the Supreme wakesurf team says NO! One thing this does is open up a MILLION GAZILLION more places to hold contests. 2/3 of the Earth’s surface is covered in water like teh various oceans and if you were honest, you’d admit that you much rather attend a wakesurf event at a seaside resort hotel than at a mudhhole. We know we sure do!

Can resorts like Cancun be far off? Think about folks on the west coast that have to travel to the east coast for an event. You’re dropping some serious coin to attend, wouldn’t it be nice to walk from your room to the wakesurf course, or breakfast or to the swim-up bar? You know it is!

Anyway, some pictures to bring you closer to the activities!

The only person here that isn’t riding is the Driver! So Lance became the wake tester. The water here is a gorgeous blue!


Registration had everyone gathered at the catina


Here’s an interesting sight! Jaime Lovett riding the 5 fin convertible, that looks awfully similar to a Flyboy’s outline, from Mendonesia! It looks like Jaime will be riding the Mendo board in the Men’s Pro Surf division


Daybreak in Loreto is amazing, being on the ocean provides breathtaking views of the mountains and vistas miles upon miles away.


Catered lunch brought right to the beach! Burgers and fries, hot dogs plus local favorites; Tacos and Quesidilla. All manner of Mexican beers.


Check little Zoey Montogomery riding in one of her first contests! Now if you didn’t come to Loreto because you were afraid Mexico was unsafe, little Zoey laughs at you…well when she gets out of 1rst grade in the afternoon. 🙂


Sombrero madness! There was Tequila for the adults, but the kids just got a sombrero. 🙂 Great fun!


Tonight is the Flyboy Wakesurf hosted dinner, we are so pleased to be part of this event and the amazing fun that everyone is having. You have to make this trip down to Loreto next year for what is truly the most fun of any contest you’ll ever attend.

Now in the first day of riding all of the pro divisions went at the crack of dawn. The water was really good for them. Salt water is a little different than fresh water, the added buoyancy requires more weight to get the boats weighted down and it feels a little soft. So not much in the way of huge above the lip tricks, but surface stuff, is in LOVE with this water. James Walker just killed it in the first round, landing an air 180 to 900 out and an Ollie 1080 amongst all manner of tricks. We’d have him seeded in first in the men’s pro surf division, and in the middle of the pack in the men’s pro skim.

Caro V landed a front big spin or maybe it was a baby big in the women’s pro skim, but this is not cumulative, so it’s all on the line tomorrow!

Thanks so much for following along, we appreciate it!  We aren’t quite sure when we will have the podium pictures up, probably not until Sunday.  We travel back to the States on Sunday, so we’ll see when we can get to posting that for you!  Tune in tomorrow and monday for more from the Supreme Mexico Wake Surf Championship.

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