Jun 15

Fin editorializing

We’re going to talk a little about fins and all manner of crazy bottom shapes that are currently offered on wakesurf boards. We’re going to have to jump around a bit during this post, we’ll do our best to organize it, and hopefully not drive you nuts during it!


If you haven’t seen it yet, go back to yesterday’s post and watch James Walker land that Surf Style 2160. Isn’t that amazing? We want you to review the first 3 rotations. Now, James is using the wake face, and the lip and you’ll notice that he isn’t using his hands to spin. It’s very different than how skimmers do it, it’s like how surf style riders spin 3’s…except better.

Did you see ’em? They are all carved. Have you ever heard one of the ignorant talking heads tell you that you need a heavily rockered board to allow it to carve super hard? We say ignorant, because we are being “nice” we’d much rather call them what they actually are! You don’t need stupid amounts of rocker to carve. You can if you like that sort of thing, but it’s not necessary. Also, we have read some ridiculous comments from some of those clowns about rocker causing a board to suck down into the wake. OMG! Rocker does not cause sucking! Those folks suck, but rocker doesn’t. James Walker’s Flyboy Wakesurf board has a good amount of rocker, more than skim style boards but less than the crazy ocean inspired logs. An exaggerated amount of rocker, creates a plowing effect. It doesn’t improve turning capabilities behind the boat, basically, all it does, beyond a certain minimum amount, is slow your board down.

So that should be your take away, exaggerated rocker = slow and there is no benefit. We’ll repeat that last part, there is no benefit at all from an exaggerated rocker behind the boat. It doesn’t help you turn, it doesn’t make it more responsive, it doesn’t help you get air. It’s simple a knee jerk copy from ocean boards and serves no purpose behind the boat.  There are literally just tons of folks that shape based upon their copying or understanding of ocean surfboards and that isn’t applicable, much, behind the boat.  So much of the shapes refined in years of ocean surfing are design for specific elements of a wave, that we don’t get behind a boat.

You may have heard podcasts, or seen videos or read all manner of idiocy where folks are talking about why you need rocker and there are a few take aways. 1) They are absolutely clueless about wakesurfing and wakesurf board design and if you listen to them, you deserve the crap you buy because of it. 2) They are shameless spammers, that will say anything to take your money from you!

You know, let’s just post that 2160 video here so you don’t have to go crazy. We apologize. Ok here it is.

…and for our mobile friends, here is the link to that surf style 2160.

Ok, so next up, shallow or low entry rocker doesn’t cause pearling. YOU and only YOU cause a board to pearl. If you’ve been suckered into riding a stupidly steep wake, we feel for you. Just get a “go straight” wakesurf board and say goodbye to Flyboy Wakesurf. If you are lucky enough that you didn’t buy into those yahoo’s about “we really like right angle wakes” you’ll be able to do some other tricks besides go straight!

James Walker’s Flyboy is wicked fast. fast down the line, fast rail-to-rail and it has a relatively shallow entry rocker. Did you see it pearl in that 2160 video? There’s your take away, all those folks that talk that crap are so irresponsible and manipulative. You don’t need massive amounts of rocker. You’ll need some, but everything past that rather small amount, is just making your board slow. Maybe you like slow, we’ve seen tons of folks that are all enamored with a cool graphic and that’s all that matters. We don’t have that and quite frankly never will. So if your cool graphic comes attached to a log of a wakesurf board, you’re golden!

Now lets talk fins. Wait, one more video. You’re may have been told that above the lip tricks can only be done with 6 fins and 4 inches of nose rocker. Here is James Walker on his ’14 prototype Flyboy Wakesurf board, landing an air 3, backside big spin, switch surface 180 to revert shuv, bottom turn snap combination, shuv in, shuv out sequence and attempting a front shuv.

Again, for our mobile’ized friends, here is a link to that video of James Walker doing a boatload of wakesurf tricks.

James Walker rides what we’d call a twinzer/C-5 fin pod. Amazing versatile and powerful. Two LARGE rail fins, about 4.5″ deep and then two tiny canards. No problems with airs, or speed in that video, huh?

Can we be honest here for a second? If you need 3, 4, 5 or 6 fins to give you control or speed, either YOU or your board suck. C’mon you’re traveling 12 feet how much fin do you really need to travel 12 feet? Those folks would have you believe that you need, as a minimum, twice as much fin area as James’ rides spread over a foot of real estate in order to generate adequate speed.

Liars! Ok that’s too strong, but it’s just stupid. You might like that feel. Maybe there is even security in knowing you’ll never do a Surf Style 2160, because that is a scary trick! BUT, you just don’t need 4 full size fins or 6 fins to travel 12 feet unless your board sucks, then maybe??!!!

The same is true with channels and all that other bottom shape nonsense. Anything that prevents you from doing surface rotations, is holding you back and again, how much drive do you need to go 12 feet? Your useable pocket, from the nose of your board to where you run out of wake, isn’t really all that long. If you need all those hyped turbo-blasted-82-fin-super-board arrangements, you’ve been sold a load of crap.

Some folks like that feel, that stiff straight ahead feel, and great for you. BUT, you don’t need it to go fast.

The fastest, most manueverable wakesurf board you’ll ever experience, the ’14 Flyboy Wakesurf James Walker signature model. You need it and not that other crap.


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