Dec 10

Early December Wakesurfing

We had a great time over the weekend, testing the Flyboy Wakesurf Super Fly, wakesurfing the Alaia, and doing some fun testing on teh water flow on our wake. The results on that were interesting, we’ll bring that data to you in an upcoming post! For today, just a couple of wakesurfing pictures. James has been nursing an injured knee so hasn’t ridden in about 6 weeks and we had some trouble with our tower, so we finally got that fixed.  Finally back on the water!

Here is James, breaking in his wakesurfing legs again

Early December Wakesurfing 036

Here is James on the Flyboy Wakesurf Super Fly, giving it a quick spin

Early December Wakesurfing 290

Finally James on the finless Alaia

Early December Wakesurfing 324

We have a few videos and pictures we’ll bring you from the weekend, on each of the boards, so we hope to see you back soon.


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