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Have you ever been to a super swanky restaurant? Everything is crazy expensive and you have an expectation of a certain level of service. You’re greeted at the door, someone helps the ladies with their chair. You are pampered through the whole meal, the ambiance is amazing and the presentation and the food is out of this world.

Coming back in vertical, James Walker on his Flyboy.

End of June Sony A77 488

Now if the bill came and it was $2.55, like you were ordering off the dollar menu from McD’s. What’s your reaction? There’s a mistake? The business will be GONE in a week, or maybe you’re asking what was that meat I ordered???!!! Right? Well you simply can’t maintain a business like that, where the revenue generated is less than the costs associated with it.

Typically, high end means high prices. Certainly there is nothing wrong with budget products. Who among us doesn’t shop at Walmart? You’d be foolish not too. But would you shop at Walmart if it was the most expensive retailer in town? Nope, there ain’t anything there that isn’t surrounded by the lowest price or that you wouldn’t give up to save some money.

That’s how it should be, we turn a blind eye to the packages that have been opened and stuck back on the shelf, because they take returns without question and are the cheapest, most often. We don’t care that most of the products come from China instead of the USA. They are the value leader and we could all use a little value in this economy.

A little video of James Walker airing out his flyboy

If you are visiting us from a mobile device, here is a link to James Walker airing out his Flyboy.

We like when there is consistency between the value and our perception. If Walmart became the most expensive retailer in town, you’d stop going. It wouldn’t be consistent and you can find a better place to shop for that money. The same would probably be true if Nordstroms started being the low price leader. Folks shop there for a reason, maybe even just to have the Nordies shopping bag! We’re not judging here, just talking about how we LIKE the experience and our perception to be consistent and when it isn’t we vote with our feet and buy elsewhere.  What we all have learned over the years is that there is consistency between price and what we get.  Often times there is less quality for a lower price, but that typically isn’t a problem.  You’re going on a picnic and buy plastic forks, because they are disposable.  We simply wouldn’t buy silverware for that purpose!

If you’ve followed this blog for any appreciable time, you’ll know that James Walker and his flyboy are creating and landing new tricks virtually every week. Back big and what this author will argue is a Front Big, front shuvs, plus the only surf style 2160 ever landed.

So when we tell you that the Flyboy wakesurf board is one of the best wakesurf boards on the market and you can sort of verify that with the videos, pictures and posts that we share, it’s consistent.

So when there is a group that tells you there wakesurf board is the best and you need it! Do you say show me the car fax? Wait, that’s a different commercial, isn’t it? Is there proof of the claim, or are you just taking the hype for what it is? Is that “best board ever” consistent in terms of price and what you see landed on it, or is it being billed as a Nordstroms at Walmart prices and no one lands anything much on it?  What was that meat you ordered?  How do they make the best board ever and offer it at the lowest price?  What do you think you’ll land on that?  That 2160 or a front big (arguably!!!)?  Uh huh, right.

Happy shopping!

Snapshot - 11

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it. We hope to have a few more videos later in the week, so be sure to check back.

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