May 04

Another first for James Walker and Flyboy Wakesurf

So James Walker, in his continued quest to add more surf style wakesurf tricks, landed an air 180 to a backside surface 900 out. That’s 2 and 1/2 rotations out on a surf style board. Oh we know there will be folks with stupid agendas that will cry that isn’t surf style, but we all see through those attempts at gaining competitive advantage or bolstering their “I’ve done the same tricks since 2007” egos. Lead, follow or get out the way! James Walker and Flyboy Wakesurf LEAD.  Most of the new tricks added in surf style competitions have come from our very own James Walker wakesurfing his Flyboy Wakesurf board.

A tasty aerial shot. No need for a gazillion fins, here:

Alpha 77 Early May 045

In this short unedited clip, with James Walker on his Flyboy Wakesurf board landing a bunch of tricks, including ANOTHER FIRST EVER, an air 180 to 900 out. In order: air 180, ollie 3, aerial, grabbed ollie 7, ollie 1080, straight air, chop hop 180, air 180 to 900 out!!!! , air 3, sloppy air 3, big spin attempt. We know there are just a ridiculous amount of tricks, watch for the Ollie 1080, right after the ollie 720 and then the eigth trick in is the air 180 to backside surface 900 out!

If you are on a mobile device or prefer to watch James Walker landing a bunch of wakesurf tricks, there is the link.

Another nice aerial, and with just the Twinzer fin pod.

Alpha 77 Early May 220

Isn’t that killer?  Thank goodness that we have a legitimate wake on the Supreme V226. not overly steep and limiting that all you can do is airs and not so soft that you CAN’T do airs.  The amazing transition allows for all manner of tricks with the right wakesurf board and, of course, talent.

Stay tuned for some additional tricks, including a great variation on the surf style front shuv, James Walker landed and we fearured yesterday.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!

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