Aug 19

Annoying technology

So we flew back home from the 10K Lakes Open on Sunday and passed through the Minneapolis St Paul airport. It’s HUGE! It also has all manner of new age devices and technology. The gate where our flight went out had individual tables and iPads. They were all wired up and promised FREE use!


So cool, right? Except the set at this table didn’t work. It was the worlds ugliest and most annoying center piece! If it’s not going to work, or you can’t maintain them, just take them out, that way at least there would be a useful TABLE that folks could use. That got us thinking about air traffic controllers at these busy airports and wake surf boats.

Do you know what the percentage of error is for an air traffic controller doing their job? Zero. Stop and think about it, thousands of lives depend upon them daily, what would a 10% error rate mean? THOUSANDS of lives lost and absolute pandamonium.

We’re guessing iPads and weird technology don’t have the same priority as insuring the lives of millions of travelers.

We surfed the G23 these weekend and we’re sure there are folks that LOVE that boat. Fit and finish is amazing and the tower seems to be manufactured with 7 inch thick titanium, it’s so stiff. BUT, no matter what folks did, there was always a huge trough coming off the boat. Steep and virtually no transition.

The best wakesurf boat for some folks may be THAT, but we wanted something different and this boat can’t deliver that. If there are any wakesurf boat manufacturers out there listening, that’s just annoying technology! Make the wake ADJUSTABLE. If I want a huge trough, give me that, but if I want a nice smooth transition, give me that TOO! THAT’s adjustable. NO transition and the ability to make the height of the wake taller or shorter is NOT adjustable, it’s just annoying technology.

Nationals wakesurf contest coming up! We’ll have something to say about THAT too!

Thanks for following along, we appreciate it.

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