Dec 08

Ain’t no thang!

Push that is. We were thinking about that concept and how it’s been pimped as an attribute delivered by advances in wake boat design. We don’t believe that and are pretty convinced that’s just sales hype. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get the chance to document water flow  and sort of discet some of the concepts that get bantied about. Our belief is that “push” is merely gravity acting on the secondary wake that travels with the boat down-the-line. That’s merely a function of plowing an overweight or inefficent hull design that requires loads of extra weight, through a body of water. If you want more “push” just load up the bow of your boat, then counter that with extra weight in the back. You’ll be plowing more weight through the water and you’ll get a larger secondary wake. Not really rocket science, and we don’t think it’s really a selling point, but who knows what hype sells boats.  That secondary wake, is a function of how much total weight you’re plowing through the water.  Put MORE weigh in your boat and that secondary wake will get bigger and you’ll upset more wakeboarders!!!!  Nothing like sending extra rollers down the line to get a response from wakeboarders. 🙂

The point to that discussion was that push, isn’t the actual wake, you can actually surf down the secondary wake not really even being close to the wake, so is that secondary wake surfing? 🙂 Anyway, it’s gravity allowing the rider to fall down the face of the secondary wake and it’s within the realm of any boat, just means you have to overload the boat in the bow from your normal and then rebalance.  There may be boats that can’t really add any extra weight to form a good wake, they are at their safe limits already, but if your boat has more efficient wake making capabilities, you should be able to just load up MORE everywhere and get an increased secondary wake.

Here are a few pictures from back in late October. In this first picture the rider is comng down the secondary wake

Late October Wakesurfing 1007

In this picture, the rider is working on staying in trim and is well away from the actual wake.

Late October Wakesurfing 1016

There is some flow from the back of the boat around the transom and then up the wake face, but we are pretty sure the vast amount of energy is coming from falling down the incline of the secondary wake.

If you refer back to that second picture you can see the rider is fairly far away from the wake and this wasn’t a bottom turn out into the flats, it was a slow progression to test the boundary of that secondary wake face.

When we go to place the pitot tube into the water, what do you think the readings will be? We are guessing that on the inside rail there will actually be some flow back and away from the boat, but on the outside rail there will be no flow. Interestingly enough we will have to interpret the readings, so when we stick the pitot tube on the outside rail, we should still get a reading, because that water is either stationary or barely flowing at all, but the rider is maintaining speed with the boat. We can’t wait to get some actual data and to share that with you, hopefully we are able to distill it down to where it makes sense.

One more picture in that sequence, you can double click on any of the pictures and be taken to the entire set, that shows about 23 pictures, basically the rider is setting trim at the bottom of the secondary wake away from the primary wake we surf.

Late October Wakesurfing 1018

While we are here, we wanted to share with you an evolution to the flyboy wakesurf super fly wakesurf board. The first flyboy wakesurf super fly wakesurf board was a mere 3/4″ thick and this next iteration is just at 1″ thick. We haven’t done the rail shape yet, nor the external lamination, but wanted to share the current status of the shape.

corrugated mold 003

Oh! and one last thing! We’ll be working on a test panel that involves corrugation here next week, hopefully we’ll have some results that we can share with regard to compressive strength.  So hopefully next week will be a return to the water with some wakesurfing and wakesurf wake testing results.

corrugated mold 005

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!


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