Aug 17

10K Lakes Open Day 1

We’ve made it to the 10K Lakes Open for the first day of the event. Friday is Prelim’s with the pro’s going off first and then the various amateur divisions going off later in the day. Saturday is the pro finals. The water for the pro’s was stellar! This picture is from James’ skim run that went off at 8:00 AM

10 K Cannon 072

We’ve posted a few pictures from the event in our Flyboy Wakesurf Flick album. Double click on any of them or use the link.

Here is a video of the live feed monitor from the event, of James’ Pro Surf prelim run. The feed is a little sketchy at times, so when it freezes, that’s the feed, not the video.

For our friends on Mobile devices, here is a link to that video of James Walker prelim surf run

The G23 is a massive BOAT! Sitting on the trailer it’s just seems huge! The wake is a bit steep, which is typical from these big boats and contests. Lots of weight and they tend to lose the transition. Good for airs and some above the lip tricks, but limited by the lack of a transition.  Lots of the more simple aerials for a wake like this.

10 K Cannon 075

Lots of pro level riders at this event, Raliegh Hager reigning WWSC Women’s Surf Champ, James Walker 2010 WWSC Men’s Pro Surf Champ, Keenan Fleegle 2012 WWSC Men’s Pro Surf Champ and Ashley Kidd who will be the 2013 EWT Women’s Pro Surf Champ!

Raliegh applying wax and putting her fins in.

10 K Cannon 091

Faction Board Shop was one of the sponsoring vendors and they are one of the newest Supreme Dealers.

10 K Cannon 082

Finals are tommorrow and the competition in the men’s pro surf is pretty stacked with James Walker, Chris Wolter and Keenan Flegle all of the best new age surf style riders.

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