Jan 04

Wakesurf Community Survey – surf and skim

Thanks for your participation, this is a very short four question survey, your answers will provide valuable insight to the wakesurf community about surf and skim riding and divisions. Your answers are completely anonymous and you'll be able to see the current survey results after you hit submit! Thanks so much for your input.

You are: (pick the one answer that best describes you)

Surf style rider

Skim style rider

Dual entry rider - usually enter both

Wakesurfer - there is no unique riding style

None of the above - parent, organizer, vendor, etc

Do you intend to compete in a wakesurf contest in 2016?



Not sure

Do you think there is a difference between surf style and skim style riding?



Not sure

Do you think surf and skim should be separate divisions in contests?



Not sure


Jul 10

2015 Inland Surfer Flyboy

If you are looking for a 2015 Inland Surfer Flyboy, check out this Link at Towanza.


We’ll be back shortly to introduce fresh new shapes and models for 2016, so stay tuned!


Dec 22

Missing Summer Series episode 11 with 4 x 2

It’s back! Our Flyboy Wakesurf Missing Summer Series with episode 11 what we call 4 x 2! It’s a series of 4 tricks, presented in a regular digicam form and then a gopro version of the exact same trick at a lower angle.

Snapshot - 36

It’s a fun little video with some fun audio, too!

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that 4 x 2 video if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Without going into details, we’re BACK! Missed you all! Thanks for watching, we REALLY appreciate it.

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Dec 16

End of the season

So we took the boat out for one last hurrah over the weekend. That pretty much marks the end of our 2014 boating season and probably thru early spring 2015. It was sad to sort of sad goodbye to our lake for the season, but luckily we now have snow! To be honest, since the water level in our lake is so low, they’ve pulled the docks. So we’ve had to wade out to the boat after launching and parking the truck and trailer, and boating lost some of it’s appeal during that walk! Damn that walk was cold!

It’s a little tough to see in this picture, but what’s missing is the DOCK, which is sitting on the ground at the top of the ramp!!

photo 1 (4)

Have you already put your boat away for the winter? Our Missing Summer Series hoped to relieve some of that pain for you! We got a chance to sort of reflect on a number of things this last trip and one of them was how much fun we’ve had on various boats for so many years. We recounted coming to New Hogan since 1997, so over 17 years for us. Our poor lake has been a victim of this latest drought here in California. It’s fed only by rain water and the rangers indicate it would take 5 years of back-to-back average rainfall to fill it back up. As it is right now, the water is below most of the ramps, so it’s not likely that it will be usable by most this coming summer. BUT, we are getting some good rain of late, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way.

One of the things we enjoyed is James’ dog Cooper, out on the water. He didn’t like to swim, in fact was afraid of the water and we had to teach him how to swim over this past summer. He still won’t go in the water off the boat, but at least we know he CAN swim! This is a silly picture of Cooper sitting on the observers seat, but check his rear legs hanging in the air, like a little kid in a chair that’s too big for them.

photo 2 (1)

As a family we’ve spent many hours and amazing days on the water. Over the a LOT of stuff has happened, but in the end all that shit doesn’t matter. Emotionally disturbed people are just part of life and once you know how screwed up they are, get away! Run as fast as you can! Thankfully, family…blood is strong and we work through things. Not that it’s always amazing and warm and fuzzy, be we want to a family and strive to be respectful and loving towards each other. Being on the boat, this last weekend of our 2014 season reminded us of what is important and what isn’t.

It’s not easy to maintain a family, the relationships in them are complex and sometimes at odds. You know what? There just isn’t anything more important. We sort of were flooded with the 17 years of good times we spent boating, while we were out freezing on the lake. Fishing, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding and finally wakesurfing. We recounted the very first directional wakeboard we had, before we knew anything about the sport. It was crazy big, something like 163 cm and James sort of learned on that at around 6 years old. He popped easy enough, but the bindings were so far apart he almost had to squat to stay upright! Good times, wonderful family moments and a reminder of what we value in this life. What we value in others.

Family will support you, tell you that you can do what you plan and be successful. Bullies and piss ants will tell you that you can’t and shouldn’t.

So good bye New Hogan, for 2014. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the winter is bountiful in terms of rain and water and that we’ll be back in Spring, to enjoy a dock and some more boating!

photo 3 (2)

We hope that your life is filled with folks that are important to you, not self-important folks. That your family is near and dear and that you too have spent countless days out on the water with them.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate you.

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Dec 15

Too Much! – Episode 10 of our Missing Summer Series

Welcome to Episode 10 of the MSS. We call this one Too Much!


There is a fun backstory. It was a typical warm summer day and we’re out for a normal session, but this day we were having trouble with the wake. It was bad, but it was really steep and it kept changing. We figured we had balalst issues or maybe the trim tab was broken or something. Then we opened the off side hatch and saw the ballast bag was about 40% full! We still laugh about that to this day.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that Too Much video if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Thanks so much for watching, we hope you’re thinking about summer out on your boat!

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Dec 13

Blender step-by-step tutorial

It’s Thursday when we are writing this. We always have this faint concern that when we write a blog post way in advance, that some newsworthy event will happen. Then while everyone is talking about…a martian invasion or whatever, we are yammering away about wakesurf tricks! 🙂

So this is, hopefully, Blender weekend and not Martian invasion weekend! We hoped to fuel your stoke with the presentation of the short clip of James landing that Blender, yesterday. As we mentioned yesterday, the Blender is a combination trick of a surface reverse, into a surface 360. So a frontside surface 3 into a backside surface 3. Let’s start the tutorial off by presenting the short video clip of James Walker landing the Blender, from yesterday.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that video clip of James landing the Blender, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Now we have already provided instructional on the two component tricks, the surface reverse just the other weekend and the a surface 3.

So, we won’t go into an indepth tutorial on the individual tricks, but instead focus on the changes that are required in order to land this combination of those separate tricks. At the risk of sounding obvious, you’ll want to have both your surface reverse and surface 360 on lock! It would be helpful if you have a surface 720 on lock also. The Blender is significantly different than a 720, but understanding positioning on the wake to get two rotations in, will be immensely helpful. If you haven’t nailed your 720 down just yet, you might want to focus on that trick first.

We are going to be referring to several pictures from our Flyboy Wakesurf flickr album called Blender tutorial. We have tons of pictures over on Flickr, organized into useful album’s each is labeled like this one.

Ok, so jumping in, the trick starts out the same, bottom turn with speed and you can see that James is focused on his spot on the wake, where he wants to land the trick.

Snapshot - 34

James throw this surface reverse pretty hard and fast. The rotation will carry him forward up towards the spine, which is critical. If you miss the follow on surface 3, by floating out the back, you may have started the surface reverse too far back.

Snapshot - 36

Now the next two pictures are extremely important. To effectively land this trick, the motion from the surface reverse to surface 3 needs to be continuous. If you stop and then throw the 3, it’s a FAILED Blender. So watch as James is continuously flating down the wake and forward in these next two photos.

Snapshot - 36


Snapshot - 39

James is sort of floating downward and outward and then he leans into the final surface 3 and it’s all continuous motion down the wake and into the rotation. Throw it hard, you’ll be running out of pocket at this point, James likes to unweight the nose of his board as he enters that final rotations, way far back.

Snapshot - 40

James wound up somewhat far back on this second rotation, but you can see he’s just a pump or two out of the pocket.\

Snapshot - 42

That’s it! Ok, so it’s not that easy, but those are the pointers for making sure that you get those two combined to form the Blender.

Lets self-diagnose some issue you might experience, if you come in too hot, you might blast off the lip either to the other side, or just up on the table. Maybe tone it down a little, or get that reverse rotation started sooner. If you are missng the second part of the trick, where your surface 3 is just too far back, try throwing that 360, as you are coming out of the surface reverse. You don’t want to set up for the 3, hammer it as you exit the surface reverse.

There you go, we know you can nail this, we’d love to see your pictures and videos and you bring one home!

Thanks so much for following along and taking the time to read and study this tutorial. We’ll be back on Monday with the next update on our Missing Summer Series, you can catch it a day early on our Facebook page, too.

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Dec 01

Episode 8 – 15 in 40

Oh man, back to work after 4 days off for Thanksgiving! We hope you had a great four day weekend, and got lots of family time. To help ease you back into your work-a-day world, here is a little video we call 15 in 40. It’s the next episode in our Flyboy Wakesurf Missing Summer series, and maybe you’re missing Thanksgiving now too!

edited DSC01476

Here is Episode 8 – 15 in 40

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that 15 in 40 with James Walker

Doesn’t that make you wish it were summer again?! We sure do! Thanks so much for watching and following along.

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Nov 29

Ollie 720 tutorial

Welcome to the first in our series of tutorials. We plan to introduce a new trick each weekend, with a little stoke video on Friday and the tutorial presented on Saturday. We’ll recap them all at the end with links back to the specific page. The format, then, will be previous day has just the video, the tutorial will have the tips, images and the video and then the next day will be part of our Missing Summer series with the trick included.

So let’s get started!

Snapshot - 32

As a reminder, here is the video clip of James Walker landing an ollie 720, on his Flyboy Wakesurf Branded Signature model.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that Ollie 720 clip, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Now for this trick, you’ll want to have your ollie 3 on lock and that will mean that you most likley have your surface 3 on lock also. The second iteration, while often called a surface 3, is actually out of the water and is a second ollie 3’ish off the wake face. You’ll see it as we go thru the steps.

Ok, so the entry into the trick is your ollie 3. Bring it in hot, high and above the lip for style. You’ll want to try and keep this rotation closer to the front of the wake, so keep it all tight and controlled.

Snapshot - 32

Now, look carefully where James’ board is in relation to the start of the trick. He’s basically kept the rotation in place. If you look below, he is driving off the tail and swinging the nose of the board around. This isn’t the same as your surface 3, the nose is basically out of the water and James is hucking it around.

Snapshot - 33

Here is the tricky part and this is what will keep you basically in one place. Once the inside rail starts to engage, you’ll want to do another ollie, but this is off the face, and not above the lip. Anticipate this, but not too soon, or too late. you want to pop off the face.

Snapshot - 34

Look carefully at the outside rail of the board in this picture and follow it back towards the tail. You’ll see the outside rail fin out of the water. Now typically this part of the trick will be judged as a surface 3, which of course it isn’t. The key for you, to keep the board in place is to pop off the face. Look at James front foot, it’s off the board as his rear foot is ollie’ing off the face.

Snapshot - 35

It’s impossible to see with all the water in the way, but the board is in the air, when it is, when the fins are free, ROTATE! That’ll keep the board in place and you can continue to spin until you get dizzy!

Snapshot - 36

You should wind up pretty close to the start of the trick, if you get a tad buried in the froth, just pump back out.

Snapshot - 37

That’s it! Your ollie 3, into the trick and then a smaller, continuous off the face ollie 3, to bring the second rotation around.

If you are fading out the back before the second rotation, focus on landing the first rotation, sort of do LESS. You’re worried about the second rotation, don’t overthink it.

That second ollie 3, is HARD. You won’t have speed or the lip to help. Drive the second rotation home, really hammer it and POP as the inside rail is engaging with the wake face. If you just sort of ollie into the flats, your timing is off, you’ve rushed it. If you wind up just sort of slogging through the wake, your timing is off, you waited too long, you should feel the POP and your fins break free of the face.

Good luck, be sure to practice this trick a lot, it’s not easy! We know you can land it, so don’t give up!

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it!

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Nov 28

Ollie 720 weekend!

Welcome to the first in our ongoing tutorial series. We’re going to create a reference section of tutorials for you of various tricks that you can come back to. Study them as the 2015 season approaches. Each weekend, we’ll feature a new trick and present the video for you, to get you sort of thinking about that trick and kick your weekend off right! Here is a quick screen grab of James mid 720, all styled out.

Snapshot - 36

Then on Saturday, we’ll present the tutorial, including the video, plus stills we’ll grab from the video to help you focus on specific points that are important in completing the trick. Then on Sunday, for our Facebook fans, and Monday for our Flyboy Wakesurf Blog only readers, we’ll have another episode in our Flyboy Wakesurf Missing Summer series, which should feature the trick we are highlighting, somewhere in that video!

We plan to do the foundation tricks first, working onward into the harder or more complex combinations. Be sure to check back each Friday and thru the weekend, as we present for you a separate trick each weekend!

To get this tutorial weekend started and to get your weekend kicked off right, here is James Walker on his Flyboy Wakesurf branded Signature model.

For our mobile enabled friends, here is a link to that Ollie 720, if the embed above doesn’t work for you.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the Ollie 720 instructional. If you are working on harder combination tricks, you’ll want to study this foundation trick, here at Flyboy Wakesurf, where we help you ride better.

Thanks so much for following along, we really appreciate it and we hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving!

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Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us at Flyboy Wakesurf, to you and yours, we hope that your Thanksgiving Day holiday is filled with the joy of family and friends.


We are taking the day off to be with our family and enjoy the season. We’ll be back tomorrow as we start the 720 weekend! We’ll have a short tutorial on landing an Ollie 720, plus a video demonstrating the trick, so be sure to tune in if you aren’t in a food coma!

Enjoy your holiday.

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